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Now, the forces of tyranny mobilized behind the vision of a so called master race here in America. Our differences aren't supposed to matter. Here. We're promised Negro protection under the law Be complicated about that Promise has not been realized. Not even close, not in Birmingham, Alabama, nor in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. And certainly not here in Bridgeport, Connecticut to say, John, You would love this Still good. Marshall is one of my heroes. Tell me about the movie, but you must see a Chadwick Boseman, who we just lost a few weeks ago, He started so good Marshall. This is in 2017 and did not get the kind of credit it deserves. Because it's a brilliant film about the first African American justice of the Supreme Court. It's about racism. It's about anti Semitism. It's truly a great film. And I hope you see Mars show. I help everybody out there does you know I tried to pick movies? Not enough people have seen, you know, rather than the really obvious ones, And then I picked some that it just close to my heart. I'm going to see and I drew the analogy the other night with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Death Marshall and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Our great American heroes. And although it's not on your list, what about the book? Rather the movie rather about Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Oh, yes, we talked. Didn't we talked about it last week, but I wanted to reinforce it. Oh, it's such a. It's called on the basis of sex and it's a wonderful It's a very good film. It's not. I mean the moment you know, I wasn't completely happy with, but it certainly as good acting and it shows you her early life. And what she went through and one of her first gender equality. Ah, courtroom battles. It's It's very good. And I would tell people right now is the time to see Not only that one but also our RBG, which is the documentary beautifully done. It was up for best documentary at the Oscars. And should have won. Well, All I can tell you is if I wanted to have a double feature night, remember the old double features? Absolutely. I would do Marshall and the film on Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And then you're gonna need a comedy. You want. T move on. I've got to Courtroom comedies that a really, really terrific one so bad, it's good, but let's go instead to the next one, which is about gender once again, And this is about at Katherine Hepburn's lawyer who has abs you actually arguing for gender equality because Judy Holliday is a victim of domestic violence who killed her husband because he has a mistress. Laid by Jean Hagen, who should have won the Oscar for singing in the rain. It's Lina Lamont, but I die GREss. Instead, I'm talking about a movie that is brilliant. It's the night they made nine movies together, Tracy and Hepburn and that's Adam's rib. Woman shot her husband killed I just.

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