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Every welcome you to another day. So glad you are here on this Tuesday afternoon. Glad to have all aboard. And let's get going because we have much to do for the next couple of hours. It's start with vol's looking to spoil condo. Martin's return to rocky top. Remember, he was Tennessee. Kosher couple years his final season took the vol's to a Sweet Sixteen and then from contract issues caused him to say, you know, what I'm heading west to Cal. He's back as the Missouri coach, and I have a feeling he'll be welcomed pretty warmly. Justin feels remember him. Once the wonder can who is going to save Georgia. Well that didn't work out. He may be close to heading. He's going. He is heading the house state, maybe close to being eligible. Speaking of the Porto who wants to be in the portal. Yabe? Anoma has said, you know, what I haven't been it out. Bama very long, and I'm not gonna be here much longer. He was one of the stars of the recruiting class a year ago. He's apparently saying, oh, it I could go. Elsewhere Bruce Feldman thinks he knows where. In on this date in history. It has February fifth Reader's Digest founded that still around by the way in nineteen twenty two Henry Aaron on the great baseball players of all time born in thirty four in mobile, Alabama. Fifty two I don't walk signs installed. Seventy-one? Apollo fourteen lands on the moon and the question I've been getting all day are any finebaum callers. Celebrating birthday today. Jim from Tuscaloosa most compelling, Colin is to shell. Yes. We have a couple of cards on our deck here to wish people. Happy birthday. Listen, I I am not one that likes to get involved in all the birthday stuff. The guys in the booth seemed like they were they were really into it Danny in in Mark. Birthdays rent to be celebrated if anybody's birthday if it's anybody's birthday at there. Just let us know. We'd be happy. Celebrate if it's your birthday, and you know of another caller to the show who it isn't a birthday, let us know that as well. Yeah. Celebrate today. Paul, right. Seems like a good day to celebrate its positive Mark today. Oh, goodness. Welcome back to the show. So let's get your phone calls starting off at eight five five four to seven to eight five. Pretty subsidies of night of hoops. We have Kentucky hosting South Carolina that immediately follows us right here on SEC net. Tennessee and Missouri. Couple of other games as well. But I. Oh and six thirty nine especial-. Homecoming addition that is the program that Mark QB helped create. I just go along for the ride tonight. We talked to Darius Rucker remember him. Dairies Houdini blowfish there on the twenty fifth anniversary tour, and I happened to hang out with the guys couple of months ago. Maybe couple of weeks ago. Whatever it was it was a cold day in Columbia, South Carolina. That's all I remember and only want to be with you. I'm in starts us off right now. Good afternoon. Good politics for taking my call. Sure. Where is always great month? We'll got Valentine's they coming up. It's short. It's month of the year, the favorite way, the this very special moment in many many many many years ago. And I know there's doctor there's somewhere that reached down in gap that the federal slept him on his ass. And he went, whoa. Eight probably, you know, the everybody stood back took notice because they knew something great was happening. They just didn't know how great they didn't know Ted Williams, then they didn't know Hank Aaron they didn't know tars, and they didn't know Jack Nicklaus. They didn't know a lot of folks..

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