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Walkie talkie part of a Nextel and tell me what I was doing wrong, and I could barely hear him because my left ear was open and that's how we actually ran our first race was what that Nextel and people were like trying to be trying to call him on the Nextel from the stand and like, hey, is that Ross out there during the race? And he's like, I can't talk me, etc. That back on my name, beep in eight Ross. Okay. I'm back in in like I'm out there and I ended up crashing. I was terrible. That's how we got going. He, he's like, I didn't race. I just I had fun, right. I spent a couple of hundred dollars rented a race truck. We had fun with it and we could. That's what. We could afford to do and my Granddad I told a story one time to a local somebody media person back home when I first started. Yeah, my Granddad. He used to drag race like, oh, we're at it was like the streets of like Buckingham, like like. Thanks. You crazy. He just had a hot rod and we'd go out there and and my first race, they wouldn't. My grandparents would not come to. They said it was too dangerous. We crashed. He came over, saw the race, stroke, saw the seat belts and was like, if you're going to do this, I'm gonna work on it. He was a very good mechanic. He's like, I'm gonna make this safe. I'm gonna, make sure the wilburns don't fall out of it and make sure seatbelts or right fire extinguisher works. Like I'm going to do all that. He doesn't know anything about setups, but they became my biggest fans. My grandmother is well, and they still are they. He did some street racing. So somehow we compete Lia in the summit all up Wikipedia. I've taken it down twice. I've, I've edited it because it didn't take nothing to edit Wikipedia page. Even I can do it and change it, and it's it pops back up. They they go back and they reword it and put back in there. And I'm like in the figure, eight boat racing, like I hate that that stuff's out there, but I don't get it taken down. So it says your third generation racer and Wikipedia says, you're figuring boat racing veteran, you've. Done either your first marriage Yasser and you haven't figure it, but race. Okay. Well, was corrected it for the record as an expanding winner. Pedia will now. Yeah, and and clean things up your when the only members of your family here to leave the Fort Myers area. And of course they're all in watermelon farming. And you said after the win that you'll go back to the watermelon farm some day. Why do you want to go back to farming? Like, what is it about farming? Is it just in your blood love is something guys do? Yeah. I mean, it's it's a job. It's it's how we tell we live. It's how we've always formed an eighth generation farmer. They were in South Georgia. Then migrate Granddad eventually went to south Florida for an earlier crop to try to find a better life. He went down there by himself and then moved the family down. Once he was established. We've been there ever since they've grown all kinds of vegetables every vegetable down there, except tomatoes in struggled. I mean, there's pictures of me when I was a kid and my dad was growing squash and you had big tubs, you'd wash squash. And then that was like my swimming pool. I remember those blue tubs and they would take plastic bags to plug it in. There was a drain. So in it and that was our swimming pool man like out there at the farm..

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