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If Mark few still had Tommy Lloyd, he had a ton of recruiting momentum. So number 5 for me is a guy that's the youngest looking 70 year old on the planet. That is Leonard Hamilton. I mean, the dude has done it. He knows how to get it done. He goes under the radar and he's just, I'm telling you, when you ask people around the industry, who they do not want to go up against. It is Leonard Hamilton. Like he just, he finds a way and he wonders his rankings the last I mean. It's been okay. Yeah, they haven't. I mean, they've done a great job honestly. No, they have evaluated. You know, Devin vasel, Patrick Williams, Michelle. Perfect guys the way he wants to play. No question about it. Exactly. So like they haven't really gone after that top ten kid like they did for a while there. But even back in the day rob and you're younger, might even be guys that are older than you. I think they are a few years older. I don't know if you remember the names Jason rich in Isaiah swan. Remember those names? Yeah. That's when I first kind of jumped in. Those were dudes. And like he was just getting guys. Isaiah swan was like a top ten player coming out of Maryland for a while. So I go Leonard at number 5. All right, so you're number four. See, you discarded Mark few. I did. Look at this. He's got two top 6 classes the last two years, two final fours the last 5 years. The data speaks for itself. Tommy Lloyd is gone, Robbie. Tommy Lloyd is in Tucson. Now, look into the future. I mean, we'll see. Time will tell. I'm going to mark a few of four because I think the momentum they're program has. Yeah. It's so substantial. I'll give you that. You're in a little. I mean, he's like, Kevin Durant, two..

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