United States, Sergei Kislyak, FBI discussed on The Axe Files with David Axelrod


This appointed i think they sold less chaos than they probably thought they don't my sense is don't really understand the united states very well uh and so uh but yes it could have been more damaging than i think it was but i'll say this david you know the next time around if they're able to do it shame on us not cheema them uh the uh the apparatchiks who came and went to trump tower and so on is that consistent with this sort of modus operandi of the of the russians you're familiar with while the russians are always seeking advantage uh sergei kislyak was always seeking advantage uh i suspect that they thought well you know this is so these are people with not that much experience we can play on them and so forth and so on i have no doubt that uh that was sort of in the back of some it's not surprising to me the people who wanted to get the magnitsky act uh overturned because the magnitsky caught alwaad ancient ice of yes thanks rate of human rights sanctions and these were is sanction with it hit some key players so i'm not surprised that the that was what they were coming to talk that's what i'm hoping to i'm going to say something that i have never said before made never see again but wasn't steve bannon right when he said somebody should call the fbi well when effor you have an uncomfortable contact with the russian should probably ought to call the fbi but i know that because i've been around not sure everybody knows that that's exactly what you ought to do and so this is ron paul manafort knew a lot about the rush well paul manafort uh.

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