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The Trump Biden battle is heating up. We could talk about that. We could follow on yesterday's conversation about workforce. I have a good workforce story for you. Does share a little frustration. I don't know if this never happened to you. I could talk about that we can talk about. Well, let me tell you about our guests. There's some great guests. Coming up Branko she'll be here. He's the triple amputee veteran raising money for the border wall. They have taken the money you've donated and built wall. And some of the toughest areas along the board of the New Mexico Texas border with Mexico. There is now wall along a mountainside that's been done some international water organization yesterday, or the day before lacked their gate, open. They didn't want the wall actually down. They've solved that crisis now but it's just one battle after another for these guys. We'll get an update on that aren't calf USA CEO Bill Bullard OB here. The folks that aren't calf came on early before the tariff or removed from Mexico. And the. Folks remark have said, you know, we're glad there's tariffs going on. Everybody else was saying the sky was falling over terrace. This guy said, we're glad thank you. So I wanna find out a little bit why they were bucking the trend there. And we've had number folks suggest we have our on the program and talk about their view for cattle producers, then Chris Berg will be here. The host of the program called point of view k x four in the east at six thirty every night. And is also on west Dakota FOX at nine thirty each weeknight. Okay. All right. So tell me what's on your mind. We can talk about any of those things or anything you'd like to talk about today on the program, we call what's on your mind. I first story on the workforce, then yesterday we were at the workforce Development Council. Tons of talent in one room. This is governor Doug Burgum, workforce Development Council is chaired by Michelle Comber, who is the department of commerce Commissioner, but an all star lineup of business. Becca damietta. I may just really good people smart people. A business owners all of really, really good. And they're kind of getting down to now. Okay, where are we going to focus? What are we going to do? Let's get some subcommittees going. They had a number percentage yesterday. We had those up on Facebook really interesting ideas really neat things. They're having the F five conversation f five is doing incredible work, and taking people who are incarcerated or come right on Jalen, finding them a job. That's darned tough to do darn tough to do. But they do it with, with, with the heart. With a faith based entity, and, and some of the best employees are former incarcerated individuals mean things like that really need Patrick manure and the group that the, the golden path solutions. We've told you about developing a profile of students. Students in highschool matching the profiles with jobs in the in the workforce, pretty incredible. Here's my story from today. So after all that conversation all that innovation all those good ideas yesterday, my head just ready to explode with all these wonderful ideas to take on the workforce challenges. We have here in the heartland. And I go to McDonald's restaurant. Along an interstate. This is this is a McDonald's restaurant that happens to be a thirty second avenue south I twenty nine in Fargo. But a McDonald's restaurant at truckstop think of the traffic Love's truck. Stop gets in a day, right? A lot. Donalds in the Love's truck. Stop I go to the drive through. But seven this morning. And there's an orange cone blocking my entrance into the. Drive through. For you. For you. So I go inside and nurse between a thousand and fifteen hundred people in line in this very small McDonalds at that point, why recognize that if I actually stay in that line. I might get my sausage egg cheese biscuit at about six tonight. If I don't what I'm saying? So I say breakfast, all day these days. Yeah, I just have to wait. Yeah. The clock would flip and I'd still be in line. So, you know, and I've had this happen before, and others have as well. And I've heard from university. Yeah. Darn it can't believe me, they can't get people can't get people. It's a McDonald's in a truck. Stop on interstate if you own or manage that and you can't get people, then it's time to go to work for burger time or something, you know, you you've you've overreached, you can't handle McDonald's. The iconic hamburger maker. I think that's poor management. I don't think that's the type workforce. I mean, it is a tight workforce, but so anyway, any any ideas for these folks. I just find myself very frustrated. And I said, I just where's your innovation? Where's your ideas? I remember Gupta, North Dakota guys that started command central command center, command center was labor force group. They helped the might not and WalMart. My not and Williston. Walmart's rather. I remember this if I if I remember this correctly staff up during the height of the oil, boom. When if you could fog a mirror, you made one hundred grand a year. Right. So it was very tough to find people. And if if they if they found people they worked for high paying jobs, right? So they found a way to do a grid and basically break up their workday into four hour increments, incremented, fine. Retired people find you know, moms that drop the kids off at school. It would mind make a couple extra box, and they just found the nontraditional workforce, and they filled the fill the time when it worked for them. You know what that was an idea that was innovation that was thinking through a problem sort of, like us in the immigration situation here right now in the United States. Let's see, we don't have a system that verifies that they are citizens, so they so they can work anywhere. Once they bust through, we've now created an incentive to bust through. We've now given them a carrot dangling. We have this goofy system that says, if you come with a child, we're going to hold you for a couple of days, then we're gonna let you go because you have a child, and we have no way to hold you. Well, now the child's passport you're gonna be grabbing kids off the street, come up with a different plan, secure the border. Get up. Come on. We're better than this, folks. We are my opinion there on a couple of key issues years. Welcome. Eight hundred two two eight zero five zero text me, seven zero one three six seven two zero five four techs Todd seven zero one two two six eight five three. Adam. Is calling Adam, what's on your mind? Adam. Is this the point where I'm supposed to be hearing guys Jack Jack Jack head? What's on your mind? Jack. Okay, I disagree with the management issue. And this is because I don't Facebook much because I, I look for a few things here, and there it's amazing how many people should on Facebook and say, hey, I'm looking for a job, but it's got a pay X number of dollars. So if anything recruiter baseball. The problem you have society, today to so stinking lazy. To go to Facebook and ask the stupid question. Gee, I need a job where can I find a job? And that just irritates out of it then. I also remember this. Are you should on a board of directors for a nursing home in Fargo? Okay. We had a care coordinator. Now the employee didn't want money. They want better benefits. They wanted a care coordinator. I should. Okay. So the board of directors voted in a care coordinator. You don't care coordinator does make sure they get out of bed. Make sure they have a good breakfast in their belly can get to work on time. Can't help them. Please their kids in some type of care, or they'll go pick them up because they just don't want to get out of bed. It was amazing. Amazing. So it's not the fact that we need people to come into this country and work. It's the fact that population of today doesn't want to work the. Facebook, you'll find all the employees you want for McDonald's. But they have already stipulations and it's ridiculous. Just have no work ethic or the care coordinator was for the employees. This year saying the care coordinator was for the employees to coddle the employee's basically. Yeah. Yeah. We didn't want more money than didn't want better benefits. They wanted to Cutler. Can you come get me out of bed? And by the way, I need some eat on my way to work or my car has a flat tire. I can't come to work today or the best one place. I have no place for my kids, without you bring the daycare, expensive the real today. Go to work the real problem. If you hire a care coordinator, that doesn't care. I do worry when I hear stories like that. And I don't doubt any of it? But I still say if you own a McDonald's on interstate in Fargo you manage a McDonald's and interstate you there find a way to keep your drive through open or shut it down a handed off to somebody else. Let Hardee's try you know. I mean I just think that's ridiculous. I hear what you're saying. Jackie.

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