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One getting six and topping Austin's news corona virus hits home for Austin Travis county EMS is one of its own test positive for the virus has a state scrambles to find more protective equipment to combat these situations ATC EMS chief Ernesto Rodriguez says they have a good amount of gloves masks and gowns area that were running low on or anticipate that we're going to run low on discounts fortunately a local company has stepped up and they're beginning to produce council pass all the tests but as far as protecting our personnel but she says they are confident they'll have all they need as long as the local infection rate remains under control Junglee newsradio kale BJ confirmed cases of covet nineteen in Austin and Travis county are now into the triple digits Austin public health reporting a hundred nineteen cases which is far above the most of any surrounding county twenty two cases now in Williamson County to in Bastrop county and across Texas nine hundred and seventy four cases reported the number of deaths now up to twelve Hays county has taken one step further in its race to stop coronavirus alike Travis and Williamson Hays is now under shelter at home order but along with that it's also not the first county in central Texas to impose a mandatory curfew judge Ruben Becerra says until April tenth only essential employees allowed out between eleven PM and four AM he says that extra step is necessary because more than half of the eleven cases now reported there been transmitted from person to person the order applies to hotels motels and rentals he says willful disregard of his order can cost you five hundred Bucks per violation forty eight city of Hutto employees join the thousands of others in central Texas are now out of work the city says the corona virus outbreak is caused significant financial hardship and Wayne Cunningham is now former animal control officer tells CBS Austin his job should have been caught in a community the size of the economy is growing as quickly as hello which is needs animal control officers have been trained to do just that city council will hold a meeting at seven o'clock this evening to discuss the response to corona virus but it's not known if they'll also discuss those layoffs the Austin city council meets this morning to vote on a sixty day grace period for renters council member Greg casar says this is one of the only solutions available right now for helping people impacted by covert nineteen she was a lot of landlords aren't going to get as much of their rounds on April first on may first either way with or without this ordinance that grace period would only be given if a renter can prove to a landlord that financial difficulties were caused directly by the virus Travis county recently halted all the visions some Austinites are still taking advantage of the green belts during the shelter in place order and that has some people worried yours Austin alternative health authority Dr Jason Pickett is active I encourage people to get outside and get some exercise and be out there just not to congregate in groups and to try to keep that operates six foot distance from each other he says he doesn't believe there any significant risks of transferring the virus just because you're out of the park after a request on Monday from governor Abbott in a letter yesterday from both Texas senators president trump has issued a major disaster declaration for the state of Texas governor Abbott to major disaster declaration request flattery said the covert nineteen outbreak which shows severe the response is beyond the capabilities of state and local governments appoint the governor reiterated on Tuesday we need more soldiers on that front line as a result we are in listing every doctor every nurse every medical personnel that we can find senator Cornyn says the declaration should go a long way in helping Texas contain the coronavirus freeze up and different supply lines of equipment and resources and additional monies at the capitol Chris fox news radio que LBJ and the Travis county sheriff's office is warning to be on the lookout for fake deputy making traffic stops a man in a black SUV is said to have pulled over several cars in order them to go home because of the shelter at home order sheriff's office says deputies will only make stops and marked units and in full uniform if you're not sure put on your hazard and then call nine one one to verify that that deputy is legitimate and in Pflugerville mostly cloudy sixty seven degrees on Patrick Osborne get Austin news on demand at newsradio kale B. J. dot com Israel delivery you loading up on things from Walmart yeah I use my new Capital One moment awards card it is unlimited five percent back on everything I buy from Walmart online see what's five percent back.

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