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The issue can make life game which would be more helpful beneficially situations so yeah it's it's a much more complex picture than the simple boo under presents or presence often pops up online so so then you go from that to start start investigating what specific outside factors can have an effect on on your brain and your happiness so for example your home environment sorry just interrupt to you what usa disagree with you the problem we working over skype was on the thing okay yes what did you find let's let's just go into that what did you find about because again this is a fairly complex picture about waltz what about people's home environments makes causes happiness or increases or reduces happiness yet once i have looked into this basic scientific aspects of they'd like is it happiness chemical is happy bit of the brain which i sort of to behind the could and i sort of knew that wouldn't really work but i wanted to look into it as if it didn't see what came out with because i was more complex idea you have fundamental of individual bitch the brain fall basic processes like memory like century processing auditory things like like language enters but something is abstract and almost objective is feeling of happiness of the mood is going to be more ver dispersed system is going to be more widespread throughout the brain's not different bit working together or no win that different times right so that's yeah so i knew that ready that newest thing this is a constant theme of the book as well sort of happy how much of this comes from the sort of more conscious and processing positive brain and how much if it comes for more instinctual and supplement just positive brain yet and then a themes on my facebook immediate bringing that different parts of the rain constantly working against each other reptile brain the brain we've had for like millions of years of ma back to dinosaur times if you want to push g that fell these are the fundamental brain which everyone every species to enhance and the the politics keep his ally even keep us running and keep it survive in an appearance subconscious instinctive level but human brains are became complex fumble conscious valley recently in the last two million years and that so that gives us all this great brain power we have these cognitive abilities but that sat on top of the old system which is still the gonna wait still books right do but that that's very rapid expansion of all these abilities twenty integrate with lower regions and the analogy like the users have you ever tried to install windows ten notified your laptop it doesn't really like it but it won't enjoy enjoy the arrangement is like i don't like you you don't like me but let's bring this done and that's on our heads a lot like the old systems and the new system's going what are you want to my way this is not it's not what we do and so on and so yeah so that was like a big part of that sorry so within that you sort of talk about a lot of y your home in your surrounding environment important is to do with your sense of familiarity and security and like i hadn't even things like some studies even suggest we could detect them recognized threatening stimuli foster in a familiar environment than in an unfamiliar one yet that was a big pile of that because the reason i look this homes other things is because i looked at happiness as being formal complex on justice in brain region in process and the well think people recognize that the whole cultural understanding of happiness seems to be quite new so what are the things happy facing that was home with hobbies and that's all that sort of them all those cliches in them and it seems like there is of because all homes meet a lot of biological requirements that we all food is we sleep on your stuff is there so it's by association sort of makes us happy but it's familiar into security which is another fundamental do need and home satisfied that this is my base i know this is safe you basically those positive not just about.

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