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No matter how much time has passed, the story of the 1989 peli family murders hasn't gone away. Well, it was 30 years ago this week at a church parsonage in Lakeville that a minister was murdered along with his wife and two children under the age of ten. Two years ago, I started reinvestigating the case. Right now we are inside the olive branch united brethren church. That's still here in Lakeville, Indiana. What I discovered was pretty unbelievable. He had a life before the ministry. He wasn't a minister. He had a previous life, I absolutely believe the police in Indiana should have been looking into Florida. Over the course of season three's 20 episodes, you learned about contradictory police accounts. 5 shotgun blasts killed four members of the peli family. How many shots were fired? I think at least 6. Contradictory theories. His motive, he was 17 at the time, he was grounded, and he wanted to attend prom. While promised he will not be going, he'll take them to the prom, but Jeff will not be going himself. Jeff was allowed to go, I knew that he was allowed to go. And contradictory evidence. If you look at the evidence about the washing machine, that's all made up. So are you telling me that at a quadruple murder scene, they took a pair of blue jeans out of a washing machine wet? Wet. My work on the case didn't stop when season three released. I've stayed in touch with witnesses, family members, and Jeff's legal team. All I read is Jeff. It's off. This is all deaf. These are the old files of his lawyers. After more than a decade of delays in the Indiana court system, Jeff's lawyer Francis Watson now has the opportunity to prove two bold claims. One, that Jeff peli did not receive a fair trial back in 2006. And two, he did not murder his family 33 years ago when he was 17. Franz hope is to convince a judge of four post conviction legal claims. And in fact of a system's prosecutorial misconduct, speedy trial, and newly discovered evidence. Weeks after millions of listeners streamed counter clock season three, the state of Indiana responded to the legal filings Fran had submitted in late 2019. In a matter of weeks after the podcast aired, the state also conveniently found troves of physical evidence that authorities had previously said was lost..

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