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It's a muscle lies Koby warp. It is operatives. This is the most the thing. I mean, there's the bottom of the heart Hopi good what an asshole. What's what? Uncover. I think that music used to make you so happy, I know right work dotty. We talked about because there is added stank on his music now about that. I love I love the he'll stank yet. It's so great. So great quote. He walks out love it. I don't make talked about it yet. We talked about everything else. We talked about his amazing about we have not talked about the hill. Stank keep working work me that deal. Good would like to toy. So good see like to them just like old fashioned storytelling. I know this is that a new story we've seen the story over and over again. There's a reason why it works. Good. We identify with Kofi Gannon. So you don't deserve this. This isn't what I went through you got selected to fill in for a match like, and then his response is just so good. So good chill and agree match. Covy put on Graham. I mean, listen, there wasn't a bad worker in that bunch. Lohan is a is a power worker, and he's not the you. You have to know what match to expect from each of them. The man what was your favorite of of? Let's let's move the Daniel Bryan out of it. Because I was a foregone you knew it's going to get actually Randy came to work. He's. I hesitate to say it we talked about it last week. And I'm sure he'll tweet something maga- and pissed me off again, but or him and his wife tongue kissing or something weird. But like Randy has come to work. And you forget how good is when he doesn't. And when he cares and for me because he is also not cared runs. Wrestlemainia before my head cannon is that he loves and respects Kofi so much. Yes. That he's going to put in the work. I've decided to say that hang on my own in my head face on nothing. But I feel like everyone's doing that. I feel like everyone's putting in the best work for Kofi. And I love it. And I cried. Oh when when biggie and Xavi was thrown out, and there was showing a Daniel vire down the rump. It just it was joy, shorting smoking. And you could see the little faces everyone's enjoying themselves in this, you know, so much. It's so easy to be cynical as as wrestling fans because we want what we want. We don't get it. We get upset. Don't want it. Now poorly written as being poorly booked, and we're all guilty of it. But every once in a while they they put the other angle and they execute it flawlessly. And I honestly eat whether this ends even him just having the match to me to me is enough. I mean, I've hardly would like for him to win. I think it'd be nice to see him when the title. I think he certainly deserves it, but just the whole this really is as long as the match happens the journeys been breathtaking and you have to enjoy the journey. It's a good reminder of like beat become impatient. Watch it play out. Don't assume this is for me between this invectives run. This has been one of the most exciting kind of year just going from wrestlemania wrestlemania VI years when I have been the most invested in like the WWE product aside from obviously and harass her. But aside from those things I've been. Invested. And you know. Yes, it's because we're brats. And because they're giving us the people we want when we want them. But like damn y'all. Yeah. It's just been a really good. And this is the one thing the only thing as much as I still wanted. I still want the Becky Esto Mbeki headline wrestlemainia. Absolutely. But if it was comfy. I'm not going to be superman about it. Yeah. Yeah. I wouldn't be it wouldn't be. It's the downside of question about Becky in Charlotte Enron. I'm gonna talk about that. I'm very excited here relate. No, I'm no I'm very excited for. What is the issue?.

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