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Bitch. You're okay. I sort of didn't didn't anticipate this happening. But over halloween. Weekend of the people. I had a ton of plans and generally speaking executed them on friday and saturday and by the time. Halloween came around. We have to put these out to pasture because they will just go out. I'll fucking day and it's like days of wine and roses like drunk. I was like. I am sitting at home. I am like looking through my hands. I you know. I looked like a character bergman drama so i decided how am i gonna to comfort myself and i realized you know some of my favorite movies that star meryl streep i hadn't seen now in like fifteen years. The problem with being a movie fan is that you have to kind of like keep these balls in the air for yourself like a movie that you love. You may not have seen in twenty years and you're operating off that impression so you don't even know if it's accurate anymore. I was a different person. Fifteen years ago. Whatever so i decided to watch two movies. I have long loved. Which are kramer versus kramer and silk when kramer versus kramer where she's You know the divorce. Say of dustin hoffman. Who is this White collar asshole and she walks out on him and their kid and he she leaves him to raise the kid for about a year and a half and then there's a a courtroom scene divorce team where she gives a speech that meryl streep herself wrote And she eventually won the academy award for best supporting actress. He won the academy for best actor. Let me just say about this. I know it's so weird that she hasn't done more writing because she's one of these like for real brilliant people but in this movie. They kind of acknowledge this. They say that dustin kaufman's character has a temper. Excuse me he is fucking scary in this movie. And dustin hoffman routinely scary in movies and this brings up a point. I wanted to ask you guys. Do people really yell at each other and movies anymore or in real life. Well yes if it's a talent. Perry movie No trope seventies movies. Now we're like people get into fights. Send like scrimmage over a and stuff. it's just not how things are done anymore. I wonder if it's because of things like email and being able to settle things not in a face to face confrontation away or something shows now instead of having it out. I love arguments. No because like some of my favorite scenes are like vanessa williams insulted. Be like fuck the family or a lucky.

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