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Dr David fromm utter a neurologist fell the American college nutrition, the book is grain brain is their website that matter. Sure, Dr promoter dot com. L M U T T E R, Lauren. So my biggest concern here after talking to you is I want to stay away from gluten. And if I do, eat, grains. I want them to be healthy. I don't want them to be high in sugar. I mean, I think of like in Ezekiel bread, that's usually kind of the standard for a healthier bread. But with the Ezekiel you get the gluten gluten free you get higher sugar content most times, right? So devoid that why don't you just avoid them? What is is donate? So just basically, you're like bread is Aldo grain grain. Yeah. You're you're right. As I mentioned, if you wanna have a serving up things like rice, our Ganic rice, hopefully and corn, that's certainly fair game, certainly wanna watch the content of you know, how much the serving is. But beyond that, the the the meal should be mostly vegetables. If you choose to have some wild fish or grass-fed beef or free range, chicken or eggs, which has happened to be a wonderful food, then so be it. But. You know, we've really got to with all due respect emulate, the diet of our ancestors sort of in line with what the paleo movement was all about and beyond that, I think the most important thing to add back to the diet is fat. Yeah. Particularly monounsaturated fats, but fatty fatty red meat is is an okay thing. MCAT oil oil fan. Oh, am I took MCAT will have sixteen minutes ago? I take it at least twice a day. And I think, you know, getting an organic MCAT oil from the health food store is a home run. I think it's been probably the most influential supplement I had ever taken truthfully. Yeah. I take almost every day myself. The there's what's oh, yeah. Where you come in on the coconut oil stuff. I think you'll get all those great. It's not as potent in terms of getting you to make key tones. M C T. I actually the MC to that. I take is one that is made from coconut oil. So it has just sort of a a note of coconut like a wine would have. But that said, I think it's really very important to make sure it's organic product fat products tend to be a place where you really want to emphasize organic. Because if they're not you run the risk of concentrating a fat soluble contamination. So I'm all dialed in as it relates to being on Peter genyk died and getting more key tones made by the MCAT. So just give me an example. What is a powerful brain menu for day. Look like for you. And then we got to take another break. I'm trying to hold you. Because this is something that obviously, we're very interested in. So give us an just sort of a sketch of a brain menu. Even better than that. I have people go to Dr promo dot com, we send out menus for every week of free menu, newsletters with a bunch of menus a bunch of. Things for meals, but having said that again, low the plate with color, that's the key colorful vegetables. If you choose if you're not a vegetarian venue fish should be wild the beach should be grass-fed. The chickens should be free range lots and lots of oil cover everything on the plate with olive oil who knew pure fat and limit your carbohydrates. There are gee whiz. I wrote a book called the grain brain a diet plan and that had over one hundred fifty recipes. So let's take our break. And then we'll talk more about we will as I'm going to have a hard boiled egg Obame AMC to put on her anything. But I have a harmful drug, and I'm gonna eat that. I love. The food. I I've always said so it's a perfect protein. I completely agree with you. All right. We're talking duck David perimeter. It's.

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