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Gary and shannon jane wells here today with me well bill clinton and james patterson or teaming up to promote a new book that they've written together and we'll get to that that's really not the important part of the story the important part of the story is that they sat down to do an interview with nbc news is craig melvin and i guess they wanted to talk about the book but how did they not know that metoo was going to take center stage i don't know in two thousand eighteen with the monica lewinsky mess in the rear view by the way i can't believe it's been twenty years it's been twenty years since the monica lewinsky scandal that that is amazing to me but no he wasn't pleased and seemed shocked and james patterson to that melvin would bring up like hey you know given the current environment what do you think about how would it played out differently here so a lot of the fox have been conveniently omitted to make the story work i think partly because they're frustrated that they got all these serious allegations against the current occupant of the oval office and his voters don't seem to care i think i did the right thing undefended the constitution you think this president's gonna give it a pass with regards to the women who've come forward and accused him of sexual misconduct while i think the no but it hasn't gone anything like the coverage that you would expect important difference donald trump has not lied under oath about any affair or abuse of power bill clinton was impeached because he lied under oath he perjured himself not because he had an affair with monica lewinsky it was the cover up it's always the cuss always the coming out it was like hillary talking about the classified emails and i don't know it's like either at best you're lying and at worst you're too stupid to understand what those are it just drives me insane with with the clinton lies that happened is there something going on in that house has respiratory problems and that he doesn't.

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Gary, James Patterson, Craig Melvin discussed on Gary and Shannon

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