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The only way missed qualification he had received by god or dane that he'd be mourned black power structure sent police officers to the fifth floor armed citizen door to prevent false leaving entering the mayor's office that was a tremendous insult and he was an insult but it was not unusual the wave machine picked through the black leaders would be the mostly visitors did would they were told flexing chicago had nowhere to go with democratic machine stocks but then there were a series of famous ed especially infuriating insults from the white political establishment biggest among them black voters finally elected an anti machine candidate theme jane burn who once in office betrayed them sucked up to the white sheen made appointments in decisions specifically to prove she was not in the pocket of black chicago then circumstances came together some by planning so by locke made it possible to elect a black mayor the planning organizers registered over a hundred thousand minority voters have rallies meetings declaring it was time to elect a black mayor two candidates split the white vote one more piece of luck chicago democratic party had created in spite of itself washington furniture it was an old friend andy vocal dot com no was in that broader now don't forget house had been a precent kept his father had boomed him as a prison captain says he would eleven years old but his father was done wrong sohail is a as an unusual person and he nursed this resentment allow the democratic party had deserted his father in one time in his father and fall of the third war uh he's a confused gang a little sense of mission inning wanted to do the right thing but yet he was balanced solve by this pragmatism that you've got to play ball to a degree with the organization and he was correct he would he wouldn't have made it without the democratic machine he's calcutta collected he's had a choice they could go with politicians any issues plan had no political experience dealing with the machine where they could get hacks who knew the machine but we terrible and the issues washington with various kind of politician delivered on the issues near the machine which is why in fact he did not want the job liu palmer was at the center of the effort draft pact mayor well we talked about how it was reluctant very reluctant at the time he was in congress and was.

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