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I'm in committed campaign finance violations is on hold for the time being here's Washington attorney general Bob Ferguson who filed suit in March of two thousand seventeen. Our lawsuit alleges an elaborate web of unlawful financial transactions. Now, the Everett herald reports that lawsuit is temporarily suspended because I'm an has filed for bankruptcy protection state law halts, civil proceedings against anyone going through bankruptcy, President Trump's choice for acting secretary of defense like the man he would replace is also from this state is a former bowling executive university of Washington graduate Patrick Shanahan worked at Boeing for more than three decades. He was general manager of Boeing missile defense systems and Boeing rotorcraft systems. He became the Pentagon deputy and July of last year, but he has no prior military or foreign policy experience. He takes over the job at the Pentagon on January. First passengers who were on board. A Delta Airlines flight that made an emergency landing on a remote Alaskan island. Finally arrived. Back at seatac airport after quite an ordeal. Delta says customers were put on a different plane got to Seattle about ten o'clock. Monday night. The original flight from Beijing to Seattle at one hundred ninety four passengers and had to be diverted to a military base on an island in the Aleutian chain due to a potential engine issue. At least one person was killed when a plane crashed into a neighborhood in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Here's that city's emergency manager. There's a large debris field associated with the.

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