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As star. Alan dershowitz a certainly a powerhouse. -solutely brilliant and legal minds in the timing. That interview couldn't have been better. Write this as you had the stars chamber Yes the supreme court of facebook. Has alan dershowitz calls it well waving their magic wand and yup continuing that ban of donald trump from facebook comes as no surprise to anyone particularly in a day of cancel culture. But wow just absolutely brilliant. T is by the way If you're interested in a copy of his new book you can certainly find that on amazon and well until he gets canceled on his website as well all right. Eight fifty four now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten k. f. k. a. dot com. But it does beg the question as to whether the antidote to that speech i mean you want some nameless faceless group of people you don't know what their qualifications are. Who are they to shut any one. Down based on well nebulous A infractions of some sort of community code. What the heck is that and the thing. That is even more troubling boy. I wish i had about an hour to talk with him now. Alan dershowitz have probably about a week. Who would be much better. But what is so troubling. He alluded to the fact that you had many outlets across the board taking down anything that was counter to the accepted narrative when it comes to covert at you had dr mccarey saying for example Scott atlas there's another one dr scott atlas being essentially once again by what a an algorithm or a by this group of a self styled speech police because well they weren't putting out the information that certain politicians wanted t here about covid nineteen even though guess what they were right but they were summarily. Shut down so could it be argued that in a time and we are in a tumultuous time to be sure but during such a time where we are grappling with so many issues. Isn't the antidote to those problems to those disagreements being something that is is so foundational to our nation. Don't we need more speech. You tell me nine. Seventy three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text on our thirteen ten. Kfi a text line by the way new text line number for you who are joining archaic k. A. texting cohort nine seven four seven eight thirteen a ones as texts. Kpfk to that number the first time you use it a fifty six now. Thirteen ten kfi the power trip weekdays. Eleven thirteen ten. Kfi day in the nuggets. Get back to the western conference. Finals listened to the whole show for the latest denver. Sports stories on thirteen ten. Kfi more trouble for peleton saying today. It's recalling its tread and tread plus treadmills reversing course. After its ceo earlier urged the owners of those machines only to check safety warnings following the very tragic death of a child in an accident. Thank you ryan. Kelly technical producer. Great job this morning noko now coming up next..

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