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Forty six all lousy would you like to nineteen forty six well you know I never had the young lady would go what do you feel about it well and I mean you connect with that kind of drivel on the air who happy new year track Martin issue is against it what happened to your date and I'd rather not speak of it if you don't mind but if you're busy and not particularly come on it thank you they hadn't got any place money and have a coke or a kind of your man what about you girl didn't show up certainly show that I'd agree to the goal room at the hotel Summerfield then still pretty early I'd rather not discuss it yeah right yeah suit yourself it is we are all about it tomorrow from whatever was of the gold dag nab it I'm afraid you will because I might as well tell you what happened so you get this straight go ahead yeah well I had a table at this place and the young woman in my staff were having a pleasant time chatting and so on tell a sailor appeared she seemed to be acquainted with him yeah they are after the dance so not wishing to quarrel with the armed forces but I made no protest and I see however after the fifth dance I felt that I had done my duty Harry mac the young woman I thought it was my turn and she slapped my face and walked out of the same yeah I thought I might expect a little sympathy I'm sympathetic to I do believe me I am only little old three and I must say I'm sorry ours honestly I'm sorry but that's women for a sit down and forget we like to but I'm afraid I'll hear plenty about it tomorrow anybody mentioned it to me judge all pointed right now knows have a drink certainly glad you came by old man sitting here feeling sorry for myself sitting here alone all evening began to think maybe there was something the matter with me something wrong with my personality thank god I don't know why you think there's anything wrong with your personality man you've got plenty of that early anything so I do sincerely good or is it here's the little man happy new year happy new year yes Sir Leila ransom the girl I've been engaged to mind you but you think so little of me she won't even save me new year's eve well makes a follow one that's all don't be silly lightly let things more you in two minutes and she does about any other man in ten years your I. email strongly masculine personality and yet you know how to handle women yeah I guess you're right yes Leila just standing me up tonight to make me jealous yeah may I feel be glad no not yet thank you for in Throckmorton adding that girl walked out on me tonight with a bit of a blow to my ego what about I had the feeling that she found me attractive she laughed at the little things that I said about the menu she laughed shoulder that's done you know with the spoon in the software I thought that we were getting along splendidly you're supposed I seen old phone no believe me anyone we would get you into day over fifty five we have I'm only sixty do you certainly don't show it I mean you look a lot younger yes there the way you carry yourself the spring in your step the sparkle in your eyes I've seen women look at you and they walk down the street yeah yeah yeah let it recently plenty of time it is women they need us more than we need them have another call judge good job yes you'll tax back happy new year yeah we got alright I love the.

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