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Carino, Brian Baldinger with you in New Orleans 9 42 to go in the first quarter. The Falcons three Nothing lead over. The Saints of the Falcons begin their second possession of the game, 1st and 10 on their own 32 yard line. Brian Hill is back in for the Falcons. Right now. Three receivers, right? Ridley goes in motion. The slot of the left now comes over toward the line and our flag comes out. We'll start offense number 63 5 Yard penalty Still first down miss the right guard Chris Lynch from another one of those first round picks back from 2000 and 19 on that Falcons offensive line plays next Kayla McGary. First round pick is well that right tackle and really Matt Ryan is in his 13th season. Probably 13th start he's had here in New Orleans. He's he's never been able Here like he can right now and in all of his teammates, as well with only 6000 fans in here, a motion Powell out of the backfield. Ryan's gonna pitch it to pal, turning the corner at the numbers, gets a block gets to the sideline and finally crushed. It abounds at about the 30 yard line by generous Jenkins. And that will set up a second down and to coming up at the Atlanta 30. Dirk Carter's the offensive coordinator for the Falcons. That hasn't changed. With the coaching change. The interesting thing about Turkey. Qatar is he is from Pocatello, Idaho, the same town. Same high school that taste of Hill went to Cleo. Those two guys beat. I gotta be. The most famous people have come out of that little town in Idaho. Amongst whoever else who might have been Ryan back to throw on second two swings. It left. He's got Hill. Got it short. Looked like he was gonna easily get the first down and then to Mario Davis and company for the Saints closed in and stop them a yard short now that the 31 Had the penalty. So it's it's now 3rd 11 here, Chris. Excuse me. I'm looking at the stick. Yep. 3rd 11 11 right here. So the Saints Have got the ability to pressure you and a lot of different ways because they really believe that their corners can hold up one on one, But you always gotta think Julio Jones in this situation. Problem is I had too much gumbo last night. I believe that's what itwas out of the gun right on 3rd and 11 sets up in the pocket has time now. It closes up when he sacked. They took him down. Cam Jordan, one of the all time.

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