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The movie industry movie and television projects that apply for a tax credit would need to report diversity stats to the government and they would need to designate someone to handle misconduct claims the bill now goes to governor brown scenes of crying children in desperate parents greet congressional democrats as they toured facilities holding illegal immigrants in san diego county the national conversation on immigration is reaching critical mass as the trump administration enforces zero tolerance policy and separates parents and children crossing the border san pedro representative dinette baragan tells connects what she saw at a san diego county facility housing mothers without their kids of them crying asking about their children and wanting to be reunited with their children and recounting the story of when they were on the border and their children were taken away and not having the opportunity to take the by despite the growing outrage the white house is refusing to move and homeland security secretary to nielsen echos president trump and blaming democrats voices most loudly criticizing the enforcement of our current laws are those whose policies created this crisis but democrats say the policy was put in place by president trump and he could stop it immediately rob orchard knx ten seventy newsradio rabbi marvin hier of the simon wiesenthal center says he totally disagrees with the policy of separating children from their parents he he talked with knx ten seventy john barrett the rabbi made the comments after a visit by german president frankwalter steinmeier of course the germans are having their own issues surrounding immigration policy but rabbi marvin hier says the practice of splitting up families at the us mexican border that should never have to to have the greatest democracy on this planet the be involved in something like that it just doesn't smell right it needs to be fixed and needs to be trained he compared it to what happened to the jews at the concentration camps during world war two when the nazis separated children from their parents and they never saw them again he said it would be different if the threat to separate families here was just a threat instead he said it turns into reality in la john paired knx ten seventy newsradio for ten you wouldn't be happy.

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