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Shia behind the big city rivals athletico things down the coach gave a deputy his twenty year old son luca in what was a to to troll for rail at villa reality yesterday monaco leon left secure champions league places for next season with victories on the final day of the french league season and here's a good story line trek frankfurt claimed a shock three one win of abaya munich in the german cup final to ruin what was a veteran coach yep heinekens farewell the victory gave the amtrak boss niko kovac he's first trophy as a coach but it was his final game for eintracht before he takes over you guessed it him thank you very much that was andy ball we're going to discuss women's clothing now tonight quite why that makes me that it sounds like i'm gonna make a personal announcements no a british high street fashion retailer new look has been heavily criticised over the past week after it was revealed that customers there were being charged more if they bought clothes in bigger sizes shoppers who were buying items in new look so called curves range or being charged up to four dollars more the equivalent for sizes from eighteen to thirty two rather than from sizes at the smaller end of the scale so is this discriminatory and unfairly shaming larger women by introducing what some people are called a fat tax on bigger close to discuss this we brought together hannah minter who's a journalist specializing in women's rights and tam fry of the national obesity forum which campaigns here in the uk.

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