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And if he becomes a free agent, then decides to play next year in the AFC. That's not us. That's on him. You know what I mean? Yeah. And I really think it comes down to do you the team that trades for him? Do they have the cap space to be able to sign him to a long term deal? And do they think that they can convince him to stay in the time that he is there. I mean, do they have enough confidence in their ability to show off their franchise in give levian bell? That idea in his head that this is where he wants the only reason why I think I would do it. If I were the jets of our really going to be all in on him, then to get him here. Let him see what Florin park looks like. And what the team looks like in the young players like Jamal Adams and. You know, Avery Williamson. And of course, Sam darnold then Quincy, then maybe I could see all that. Right. Yeah. But I don't necessarily know that I would want them here right now. I'd rather have him come in here as a free agent all jacked up ready to go as opposed to coming off of what looks to be a just a really weird mental situation where I don't necessarily know where his head is going to be at when he got here right now. Anyway. Yeah, it's going to be a tricky thing to be able to trade. Now, I knew that the Steelers this was just sort of feeling out thing as opposed to we're done with them. We're going to trade him then. Yeah. I would say forget about I'm not even going to go down that road. But if the Steelers are done with him, and they may be just completely done that they are. Well, then that's why the jets have to be right there because I don't want. I don't want him to go to Philadelphia because if he goes to Philadelphia place where they just want a Super Bowl with Carson Wentz and Doug Peterson and everything that they have going on down there. He's not leaving. He's not leaving. Now, how we rose has gotta figure out a way to. Make it all work all he'll figure out he'll figure it out. But because they don't have to pay their quarterback rhino. Right. Exactly. So that that's the yes. In theory. Of course, waiting toll free agency is the right thing to do. But if he goes to a place that's got a history of winning and a coach that he likes and they end up having success this year, and you only had the trade the third round pick or two threes at one future pick, whatever to go and get them. And then he ends up wanting to sign their afterwards. Then you just lost out on your opportunity on the two guys that you thought you were going to have a shot on a three eight hundred shirts would want to get their hands on them. Yes. In free agency. Maybe I don't know. But they don't really pay guys like that. Like that much. Reset. They paid Stefan. Gilmore give. It didn't reset the market with them. Right. Like Levi on bell. What's a contract, resets the market? They signed Stefan Gilmore that big contract. And it basically ticked off everybody now locker room everybody in that defensive side of that locker room. Yeah..

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