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24 hour news station. From ABC News. I'm Dave Packard. Let's 80 days out from Election Day. The U. S Postal Service killing states. Their deadlines requesting and returning mail in ballots are too tight, and they may not be ableto handle the surge as president. Trump attacks mail in voting former president taking a stand and support for the post office is former President Barack Obama digging in What we've never seen before, is President say, I'm goingto tryto actively kneecap the Postal Service encouraged voting and I will be explicit about the reason I'm doing it. Obama tweeting. The Trump administration is more concerned with suppressing the vote. And suppressing a virus. ABC is Rachel Scott in Bedminster, New Jersey ABC News has learned from Navy sources that there were a significant number of covert 19 positive cases among returning midshipman at the U. S Naval Academy in Annapolis. An Academy spokesperson, saying they don't release actual numbers have infected individuals due to operational security. Vice President Mike Pence was in West Virginia today, promising state leaders the Trump administration would be doing everything he could to get businesses back open amid the Corona virus pandemic have the resource is you need not just to protect the vulnerable save lives but to continue to open up. Open up your economy. West Virginia has been going backto work. West Virginia has over 8400 confirmed covert 19 cases to date and 160 deaths near Los Angeles. Three wildfires rage on Because of the dry grounds in a heat wave. California wants to do something they haven't done in years. Tell Oppa things under control. For the first time since 2011 California officials have ordered rolling power outages. As a state white heat wave is straining the electrical system, Pacific Gas and Electric, the state's largest utility tweeted, It would turn off power to about 200 to 250,000 customers in rotating outages for about an hour at a time. Other utilities were told to do the same. Soran shot ABC News, Los Angeles and you're listening to ABC News, Stay connected.

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