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And for that and i get to say happy friday eve steve thank you dave good morning everybody will historic rivalry takes center stage and alec box stadium as mississippi state and lsu meat for eight three game sec series these teams i played each other way back in nineteen zero five and tiger skipper pulmonary says things really heated up between the schools when skip bertman and rumble poke we're running the programs i think the rivalry between mississippi state and lsu it more for the popularity of the sport of college baseball than any other rivalry possibly could have the saints address the tight end position by inking veteran benjamin watson to a one year deal he comes back to new orleans for a second stint with the black and gold sideline reporter kristian garic believes that this signing signals the end of kobe fleeing her stay in new orleans is gone back and forth on this a few times about the salary cap it doesn't benefit you to cut him now because of the money in a dead money but i think the saints are gonna be willing to eat it i think kobe cleaners days are are truly numbered the giants insist they aren't looking to trade odell beckham junior but just in case you're interested the conversation for such a hypothetical deal starts with two first round picks as compensation according to espn adam schefter the la rams are reportedly at the top of the list and interested enquiring the former lsu tiger and lebron james tied one of michael jordan's nba records while helping the cavaliers beat charlotte one eighteen to one zero five genes had forty one points and now scored at least ten points in eight hundred sixty six consecutive games tying the record lebron began the street on january six two thousand seven and can break jordan's record tomorrow night against the pelicans today on sports talk with bob aaron christian garrick kickoffs may become extinct in the nfl delight the idea and should anthony davis shave his unit brow then it's lsu baseball taking on mississippi state at seven our pre game coverage will begin at six thirty i'm steve geller and that your early morning look at sports hello everybody this is chris player with the lsu update brought to you by email business congratulations to lsu gymnasts maya hamburg on being named one of ten finalists for the.

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