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I think a lot of money was spent because it wasn't any other players out there but as far as a quarterback that was going to come in and lighted up n._b._a. A franchise guy i haven't saw it out any of these these guys you know what i mean. None of these guys impressed me from the beginning so i couldn't see myself as a g._m. Signing in one of these guys the first round pick because none of them were first round round. Pick ready carl. Mary wasn't first round pick ready. He wasn't and he made a comment today saying that it doesn't matter the size of a player you're correct. It doesn't matter the size of a player if you're doug flutie or drew drew brees those exceptions of small pleasant n._f._l. All under six foot tall that can that have made it in n._f._l. And made it look easy made it look good but when you're not over six foot tall you're six foot tall and you can't see over those defenses. We've known it caused problems for several different quarterbacks rex who didn't have that height that you have you gotta have something extra added onto that to be able to see it in a fair and i'm not saying he can't succeed n._f._l. By no means am i saying and i'm just saying i didn't see anything show me that he was ready to be a starter this year or next year. Maybe a couple of years after this but nobody impressed me. <hes> in the college level orwell's coming out. Nobody impressed me. They're still not impressed me and the preseason. I'll do it. Yes preseason. They're not impressed me at all so i haven't seen a quarterback that was drafted as really impressive recipe that is really you can plug and play right now. These are all projects <hes> if anything <hes> that they drafted man but i i wish all of them welded. I mentioned man <hes>. I'm not impressed at all but that doesn't mean these guys can't turn around. These guys can't learn these guys can't integrate system and learn plate books in england experience under the tooling of other quarterbacks in and it can be something in the future just right now. I'm not impressed. I need more people films jason. I need more people but you know <hes>. We'll see how it goes man. You know we weren't coming up. We'll seattle perform. You know they're they're gonna get this bird's eye view. You know that first week get owning a thumb. I'm gonna be thrown in the fire them just what they do from there. <hes> always take the time to kind of transition a little bit but i'm gonna take a quick commercial break in then. I'll be right back which element transitions things that i've been hearing enemy about paul steinberg's about deandre hopkins comments about the late bob mcnair comments going to speak on some of these racial issues.

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