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An eleven year veteran of the Austin police department is suing over claims of racial discrimination he says he was denied eleven transfers over eight years because he's black his attorney Dan Ross told CBS Austin the recent firing of assistant chief just to Newsome over alleged racial slurs paints a picture of institutional racism those are very disturbing statements that he allegedly made and are a window into some of the thinking that goes on at the Austin police department Ross is there eighteen commanders none of whom are black Hey any quality is on the mind of Austin city council member daily a Garza in a recent board meeting she explained the Pagel pay gap between men and women is felt mostly by Latino women even if none of us can take one voter right one resolution to and pay inequality we can support policies like paid sick leave an equitable access to services like transportation grocery stores that make it easier for families to thrive Garza says to make the the same money and non Hispanic man makes in a year a Latina must work twenty three months some some people are fearing that Austin's project to turn a motel into a homeless shelter is bad because it won't require the homeless to get any help part of the program would involve going door to door asking those taking shelter if they are ready to get services which they don't have to take part in critics and some residents believe this means some will just stay at the shelter indefinitely but the arch shelters Amy price doesn't believe that'll be a big problem because most on the street do want help if it leads to a home that M. shelter life isn't that great it is devoid of the charm is that most people would like in a sleeping space she says many homeless don't like a regiment of life and that's another reason why service providers stay on message about working with them about what comes next after the shelter Junglee newsradio kale BJ and after two decades of popular south Austin wedding venue is closing its doors for what's become a very common reason soaring property taxes mercury hall says property taxes of tripled in only five years in the four acres of land is no longer viable location run a business all reservations through through June twenty twenty one will be honored it is six oh for now to look at Austin's on time traffickers done prior to wreck at on Haga road as you approach his lane so a little bit of a slow down their Palmer's your pro she ager lookout for delay their due to your rack one clearing up on southbound one eighty three is Vargas out near the airport don prior with Austin's.

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