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Townhall dot com. I'm Bob Agnew in Washington. President Trump says he's being harassed by house committees. Now run by Democrats. Here's White House. Correspondent Greg Clugston. The face of stepped up investigations, the president tweets, this is the highest level of presidential harassment in the history of our country. House Democrats are asking for six years of Donald Trump's tax returns ten years of his financial records and they're preparing to issue a subpoena for the full Russia report from the special counsel. The president complains that some Democrats are fighting hard to keep the witch hunt alive. Greg Clugston, Washington. A preliminary report finds no fault with crew that THEO paean airlines that crash last month. He THEO pietas minister transport says the Boeing max pilots were fully licensed. The nicest and quantifications to conduct the flights follow their training. She says aviation safety expert Johncock says everything about last October's crash in last month's crash that Ethiopian Airlines jet remains very curious. It shows is the critical need for very careful analysis of the tension faults when they're designing newer craft or updated aircraft. Knowing is declining to comment pentag- gets review of that new report German chemicals company bears says it detected and diverted a cyber attack last year by hacking group, it's been traced to China in a statement bare said it's in how cybersecurity team found signs of militias software associated with the group win t on company systems in early two thousand eighteen the company said there were no signs of data outflow and the affected IT systems. Have since been cleaned is that prosecutors in Cologne, I've opened an investigation. German officials have in the. Past worn of industrial espionage from China as correspondent Jeremy house reporting on Wall Street, the Dow's booming right now one hundred forty.

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