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W._W._e.. Superstar you started at soccer right was like I love Oh my gosh yes so so would you played in college so well why did eleven years competitive and then when it came a week before I was gonNA <hes> sign with Arizona State University snapped my leg in half and so it Kinda just took me out of the game I mean literally took me out of the game and then took out my mindset. I was like I just don't want to heal and come back to soccer but it was my whole life life and so a few years later I ended up playing for Gros Mont College. The coach knew who I was and knew my background and so he let me walk on and then we went to state eight and so that's over in San Diego and then I was Gonna go play in Italy so the women's League in the United States had already folded <hes> and I was also going to do that while being in college edge that I had like my whole future set up right when in different direction but the the women's League in Italy was like blooming rain and I'm Italian so they're like we left for you to come play over there and then all of a sudden w we came to my door okay so one last question about Soccer Messier Zia Rinaldo Oh you know I. I guess it'd be a messy good answer. Yeah we're about to kick you out <music> by that opinions on soccer all around yeah so you got to gloss over that a little bit so you were done with soccer and then you're like I'll give W._w.. Shot that that's not the path that most people go through when they're done playing soccer I would imagine so what was that process like so my. It was my twin sister bree they they. I didn't grow up a W._W._e.. Fan like my brothers started watching it like when I was in high school is when he got into it but no one that I was around was really like die hard W._b.. Would you be fans and I I remember when I worked at hooters place yet. I didn't okay Tiger Woods. No I did. That's trouble. Fischler dies every stream twin. We do like AK- Tuesday we do something.

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