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Your house gets burglarized When you can't, feel safe in your own home. Especially if, you're at his level I mean I'm. Sure he's just like out fine I'll just rent something for. A while and sell this place Crims Chris, Hemsworth Burke Chris Hemsworth birthday was this. Past Saturday that door got Thor is the worst movie I've Absolute. Garbage Cannot believe it What a piece of which one the ragnarok the I know you did Scenes with it's fine the bridge back to earth Get of here you don't like? That oh. Oh is that. Why you liked it I liked I. Liked Thor I like Chris Well I. Like Chris Hemsworth I don't. Care about Thor at all, I didn't, mind the movie. But listen they're way worse he's so funny. And I didn't even watch I did. See, it the first one. Yeah, we. Lucky, and everything oh yeah oh. I told us her boyfriend I fell. In, love with Tom Huddleston He's great in national Lampoon's vacation renew Yeah I didn't and frankly I can't remember really anything about that movie except. The scenes. Were there at his. House they are. He steals that movie he's so, funny Chris Hemsworth. Is thirty five now. He's lot famous Liane bridges sent him a. Message for his birthday.

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Chris Hemsworth, Thor, Crims Chris discussed on Sarah and Vinnie

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