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Welcome back to the dam Prop show question we've been grappling with over the last many weeks is effectively can a free society exist with Sort of cultural no go zone, spaced on one's particular views political views. A. Perhaps even more fundamental question is can America existed in a free society if we as a nation are living Under two different constitutions or framework for what we think. Founding principles. The framework as I mentioned to different frameworks of our nation of this representative republic. This experiment in Small D democracy. Can we exist as a free society and with that sort of dynamic Help us answer that question. We're pleased to be joined by Charles Cussler, editor of the Claremont Review of Books and author of Crisis of the Two Constitutions, the Rise, Decline and Recovery of American Greatness. Charles. Thanks for joining us appreciate it. Well, it's a pleasure to be here, Dan. Thanks for the invitation. Yeah, And so the two constitutions that we're operating under described those for us. Well, it's um you know, it's a bad thing to have one country and to constitutions because you're in. You're in a kind of cold. Civil war situation, and I think that's sort of where we are right now. The two constitutions I'm talking about are the original constitution as amended the Constitution of individual rights On DCA incentive, the govern and limited government and all that we associate with that federalism and bicameral ism all these great civics ideas that go back to the original Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. And that's one of America's constitutions. The other one, which is much younger, but it's now over 100 years old is really the Liberals, Constitution or the progressive. Constitution and that is what they like to call the living constitution. We hear this term whenever a Supreme Court justice is going to be confirmed yours up for confirmation. That liberal like Justice Sotomayor or whomever is very, um, skeptical in a way about the the hidebound time bound constitution of your But it is very gung ho about the Constitution of today and the day after tomorrow, and that constitution, the living Constitution is the Liberals. Vehicle, basically for transforming America and they they've been pretty successful at it, and it is the term itself. Living Constitution implies. At the old Constitution. The real one so to speak, is dead. Or at least that it's on life support. It's it's used a sort of Ah, A talisman Rhetorical talisman. I'm doing this under color of the Constitution. Give it gravitas when really the leftist forever finding and new and exciting pin numbers and emanations by which to Expand or contract with the black Letter of the Constitution says Yes, that's right. I mean, for a long time. For a couple of the first couple of generations of modern liberalism or progressivism. They did talk about the convergence. You know that the old Constitution and their new constitution would grow together. And eventually they would be indistinguishable from one another. But they gave up that slow motion argument in the 19 sixties and then again in the 19 nineties after the end of the Cold War. And they sort of pulled out all the stops. And they have a very impatient Politics Now, as you know, they can hardly wait to discover a new right. On to apply it. Aunt to limit the power of the elected parts of government. That's really the bread and butter of American progressivism now for quite a long time well, and that's where I want to go when we come back, because so the new rights they're inventing that imposed responsibilities on others the right to an education the right to housing the right to health care. And the enshrined writes the God given rights as memorialized in the bill of Rights that they're constricting like, Oh, I don't know. Freedom of speech on D, how you rediscover how we get to the Constitution as it was. Originally conceived in this environment, where many on the right don't really want to make arguments against the notion that education, health care housing Gear, a certain income level are indeed right, Moral. Charles Cussler editor. The Claremont Review Books, author of Crisis of the Two Constitutions. The Rise Decline in Recovery of American Greatness will be right back. The more you listen no more. You know, this'll just the damn profit shop. What do Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Donald Trump all have in common? They all attended private schools chosen by their parents. Do you believe that all family should have school choice just like they did. On average taxpayers spent $15,424 per student on K through 12 public education. 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