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In hoops like move your pivot. I don't wanna pivot maybe a little too much on a pivot dubs. Yup. Dubs. Well, we're recording this on Thursday Wednesday Wednesday. Thank you see the mint kicking in. Yeah. I'm like fade. I'm getting woozy over here. The sixteenth of January. And this is the morning after the dubs just took out the beatdown stick on Denver. Fifty one point four first quarter had no idea what had them no clue. No. I just so here the numbers record-breaking first quarter for the warriors fifty one points ten three pointers made collectively Steph curry was launching threes. From almost half court swishing Klay had five on the night. Steph had five no excuse me. Klay had five threes on the night. Kevin Durant had five threes. And Steph curry had eight threes and Klay had for dunks. The thompson. Thompson like I do love Thompson. Love tom's. I love to many different warriors in different ways. Aim here. It's a really like you said last week recognize the greatness, it's happening in front of us in cherishing. I'm trying to get people to do that is what it's gonna it's gonna it's gone. I'm gonna we're gonna host each other to have. Let's let's go back and watch warrior championship film, feel something's underappreciated when I feel something's not going to be recognized until it's over or missed. I turn to Tom key for an eye drop the needle on don't know what you got told. It's gone by Cinderella. Tony if he could all my God that's phenomenal chorus. Cinderella. You know, what I'm I'm interested in reviving them fun. I've heard Tom Kiefer's actually out there. He's like a blues musician. He it's kinda like a Colin hay for metalwork. Does his solo acoustic tours seriously that are amazing, by the way? They're amazing. Tony Ryan creator and writer of this week's Slaw parody on the Murph and MAC show is of Adam gays by Billy.

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