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Thought he threw the ball. Well moved around really well at that day with urban meyer. What do you think the three feet away from the the entire workout that. Yeah he certainly was already claiming squatters rights own trevor lawrence but being so close but i think he wanted to get up close. Look at the quarterback while also put a little pressure on them to see how you perform. It is port one of the process in terms of building. Trevor lawrence up to the jaguars. Qb one well. This is the time of the year. I think a lot of people from the east coast. They might travel the utah to go. Skiing the jets their general manager. Joe douglas their head. Coach robert sala. They went to utah. Looking for a quarterback and i think they might have found their guy. Would zack wilson and to me. One of the more fun pro days. That i can remember in terms of the creativity that we saw with all the movement throws you see the numbers there on the bottom of the screen size wise. You have to be pleased with that with some expectation. He might be a little bit smaller a buck. That was a throwing session. As i can remember. Yeah yeah a lot of it. He really wanted to show off his ability to throw from various platforms also wanted to show how easy it was for him as a passive. We talk about it over. And over one of the more natural passes that we've seen and even though he can take his game outside of the market when he plays in rhythm from the back of the best that we've seen in terms of getting the ball out of his and throwing will we would consider a very catchable when it's easy to take in from the wide. Receivers was impressive as his throwing session was that wasn't the big story in the nfl. Last friday was what happened while this day was getting ready to get started. That was a big trade that took place between the san francisco. Forty niners and the miami dolphins which gets us right to our next gen stats powered by amazon web services. Look we assume this is for a quarterback in. Here's here's a pretty good example of that because let's look at the air yards per attempt since twenty seventeen minimum eight hundred attempts there That number is low there for jimmy garoppolo and this forty niners offense. You gotta believe they wanna be more explosive. They part with a lot of future draft capital to move up in this draft to get their guy. Yeah absolutely. I think this is all kyle shanahan looking for an upgrade at the position. We're seeing increasingly. Coordinators coaches are growing tired and frustrated with gas who can't make their. Please come to life. And so i think some of this has to do with jimmy. Garoppolo being unable to make cow shanahan's vision of how the game should be played. Come to life. We've talked about it Calcium plays it like a video game and he wants to quarterback the joystick. sometimes the joystick. Get stuck with jimmy. Garoppolo is the one that has the joystick. I think he wants someone who is just able to make this stuff happened..

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