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Established the system of jim crow legalize a system of jim crow and so it's published you know in newsweek and then beat the comes explosive in a real big problem for rank was during his confirmation mm rank was worked very hard to quiet that storm he said i wasn't expressing my own views i was asked to write a memo about justice jackson's views for her i'm jackson's separates former secretary elsie douglas she told reporters that's just ally like general didn't ask as clerks to write down memos about what jackson should think jackson knew what he thought he asked his clerks to tell him what they thought so he could elaborate or three could can deliberate on the multiple positions that they would present him with so rank with sends a letter to the senate judiciary committee tried to explain all of this senate judiciary committee threatens to hold hearings over the holiday or after christmas this is december of 1971 uh nixon start putting pressure on on senators and you can imagine somebody at this point might have thought i wonder if there's anything in frankfurt's papers which are huge she have just been given to the you know recently given the library of congress that would cast light on the ringquist nomination and one of the things that is no longer in frankfurt irs papers but appears to have been before the let the theft is a letter that rehnquist wrote to frankfurter and nineteen fifty five.

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