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Away that you don't have to think about you can now run on autopilot And you'll be you'll do everything the right way So that's roughly the kind of classical confucian position. There's a confucian named manches who tries to. So let me tell you about the dow as i and there so in Split the difference so the dow is on the other hand. Say if you wanna be. Spontaneous hand. Natural cultures deadly and training is deadly. So you need to so the first of these figures loud to thinks that the reason everyone agrees that. Everything's sucks right now. They're in the warring states. Everyone's fighting with each other really boring around right or standard thing were. The current world is terrible right They all think we can get back to some golden age that used to exist for loud so we do that by getting rid of culture so he thinks that learning and trying are the enemy. And that if you become a confucian and you train in the rituals and learn. The classics are just going to become hypocrite. You'll be able to go through the motions but you'll You won't be genuinely virtuous and so i call him. He's a primitive as he wants us to get back to the supposedly natural lifestyle living in small-scale communities low tech in the trade book i described them as the warring states. Hippies basically it's a lot like those counter culture movements ask. Let's get back to nature. Get rid of technology warfares baz all caused by consumerism and greed Very similar insights in the in the dow surging then the second of the so-called dallas. They weren't a self recognized school but to helpful label is this guy and he similar. He thinks loud so that trying bad training culture can mess you up but he assumes this is all already happened to us and what we have to do is learn how to not. He thinks that escaping to a primitive utopia is an example of. Try that.

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