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The reasoning being, you don't get to speak to the referees in football, which is fair enough pastry, but whatever it's always nice to get more accountability because it's all very, very important. But yeah, back to Carlos Sainz. Yeah, that's gesture that he deserved penalty or he's going to have trouble coming in his way. I think it's way off the mark because as he said in the press conference, it was as he turned right into Portia that the yellow certainly the yellow marker board lights up and I think if you watch onboard just ahead, I think the yellow flag is waving, but the fact that as he comes around the corner and he's looking at the next apex. It's all at one. He said, you know, he's certainly with the marker board. It comes on as he's already got the steering lock fully applied. So nothing he could do he saw the two things effectively at the same time, the yellow, the crashed Perez, and basically, I think science thought he could just about get through, but then he as he just agitates, just gets on that brake pad a little bit too hard, spun the car around. And yeah, caused more damage to Perez's car, he does think though that the Red Bull should be fine to raise tomorrow. That is some good news for Sergio Pérez and Red Bull, but one Red Bull driver who wasn't really a much of a factor in the poll fight was Max Verstappen. I think all weekend. It seemed like Paris just had that little bit of an edge over him. We saw that in final practice, Perez led the way there, then throughout qualifying, always seems like Paris were just a little bit of a step ahead of max. We've talked about the chemistry, and I think one of the big narratives going into this weekend has been team orders after what happened in Spain and for Red Bull, are they already putting all their eggs in one basket with Max Verstappen as though that was ever really a question anyway. But for max, knowing we've seen over the past few races it tends to be the Ferrari excel over one lap in qualifying, but then the Red Bull's race pace is so much better, but this is Monaco, you don't overtake it. It is sometimes decided on a Saturday. How much trouble really are rebel indie thing with their only third and fourth on the grid. And for max, how much for a big fight back is it going to require from P four to get up there and battle the clerk at the very front? Yes, I think he's already hoping that it's going to rain tomorrow. I think Charles Leclerc would like a nice dry race because this is we mentioned that that Monaco curse that he's got hanging over him not that curse is a really cool but you know he's just mounting circumstantial evidence with all the run of incidence he's had at home. But yeah, so Verstappen needs rain I don't think we can be under any illusions that if it were a dry race to the finished Red Bull would if they don't overtly swap the positions they'd find some way to engineer it. The risk they play there is that Perez is not an idiot. There's going to come a point where it's just going to get too much this constantly having to cede way to max despite the fact that it is clearly the Verstappen team. But anyway, let's cross that bridge when we come to it as I'm sure Red Bull would do tomorrow. But yeah, with the Ferraris and the rebels the long run pace in practice. I mean, long run pace in Monaco practice is a bit of a misdemeanor because you say Luke starting on pole position effectively wins you the race. You know, there's no reason to suspect why leclerc won't win tomorrow, but then he could say that for so many other races he's had here. So he'll have to deal with whatever the curse that doesn't exist those at him, but yeah, with what little race running was done. Ferrari looked pretty good. So many different factors and reasons why reasons why is we're overtaken by a ring in patient motorcyclist. We're still once again, it took us, I used to get out of the media car park. Leaving Monaco tonight, thanks to the F two cars they need to come back and we now stuck in another tunnel on the motorway to nice, which is where we're staying in a very nice Airbnb. It's got an excellent view over nice. But yeah, anyway, just very quickly going back to the race race, where I do have a certain slight edge, a couple of attempts a lap, but too difficult to read if that's going to definitively transfer over to tomorrow, but if science is second out of Sandoval and the clubs first, there's no way Max Verstappen is speaking, Charles Leclerc. And did the Red Bull guys they talk about why Verstappen has been slipping behind Paris this week and why is Perez managed to qualify max? Yeah, so basically Verstappen has said that effectively the Red Bulls just seem to be under steering a bit more than he would ideally like around here. And also he just wasn't happy with the balance, that sort of saps the confidence. But he finally found the balance and the feeling that he was after right at the end of Q three right on that final interrupted run and it's really interesting. If you watch the sex of times, he just said his best time of qualifying right at the point for the red flags come out. He still was a tenth down on leclerc and if the club was expecting to make the gains that he would, I still think Verstappen was fighting for second and he himself acknowledged that, but it's really interesting because he's absolutely furious when he comes across. He's the next car behind science. When he comes across the two, he's like, oh, this isn't fair. This isn't fair. And he said afterwards, you know, this really needs looking at this, you know, because he's point is as happened with leclerc, not that leclerc did it on purpose. You could secure the provisional poll as Michael Schumacher has attempted to do or did badly crash and secure yourself that pole position. So Verstappen's like we need to look at this. We need to look at this, but basically the understeer with the Red Bull. He said that Perez can just just likes it a bit more and it's helping him a lot around here whereas Verstappen, we know response a strong front end and then hang on to the rear ace is what makes him such a joy to watch because he's so exciting behind the wheel because of the way the car behaves in his hands. So yes, that's the difference to Verstappen, but as I think I do get the genuine sense he thinks that it should be him on the front row of the grid alongside alongside a cloud tomorrow. And I'm sure max will be hoping for a little bit of rain. I think I'm seeing varying percentages as to what chances we're going to get. But another person wanting some rain is Lewis Hamilton. He will start 8th on the grid. He was asked if he's going to do a rain dance, he was like, no, I don't dance. I won't be dancing. But then he said, I would actually like a bit of rain maybe to help him from PH George Russell in 6th for Mercedes..

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