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All right. Let's talk about the show here. Let's get going before we do. We should mention JR's not on this show. He's of course, normally here with Jerry Lawler instead he's gonna miss this event. With Bell's palsy, what was your relationship like with Jim during this point in the office every day in Jim just wasn't on Cameron wasn't didn't have the. The endurance. I guess is the right word to be able to go out and call live show, and plus he will self conscious. I think in the way looked and also the the slurring of the voice because half of this face was paralyzed with the Bell's palsy, but Jim never missed a day of work was in the office every day, and he he actually was at the pay per view producing Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler during the live show. When I went back and watch this this week, I couldn't help. But think about just how damn long McColl had been the voice of professional wrestling. It really is incredible. When you think about that, we're covering at twenty years later, when he as the voice of professional wrestling for you know, an entire generation for whatever reason he doesn't necessarily get the same respect and. I don't know just fans don't talk about him the same weather do Tony shivani or Jim Rawls or Gordon solely. Why do you think that is they will after he's gone? And I think that people will look back on Michael Cole, and they will compare him to whoever it is that replaces Michael Cole. But Michaels one of the hardest working guys, you know, he had been over in Desert Storm for CBS, and he had a hell of a career before he came in to the WWF, but he worked hard on his craft and one thing you'll never ever call. Michael Cole is lazy. He busted his ass. And he still buses ask my God. He's he's working. And he's everywhere. But I think that when Michael goes away people are gonna go whoever this new guy is just sucks. Where's my Michael? You know, Michael was the best doing this. And I think it's just a generational thing. You. Like in you, remember Iger up on? Yes. And that's what you're fond of. Well, if you're fond of this first match boss man, beats Jesse James the road Dogg and eleven minutes and fifty two seconds Meltzer would say arisen. This was supposed to be non title match under hardcore rules, but the steps were eliminated later in the week solid opener with good heater only good heat early. But the reactions died down as the match progressed to stars. What did you think? Man. I thought it was a really good traditional yet a traditional baby face in traditional. He'll they were behind road dog is maybe face, and they didn't like boss man, as the he'll it was a solid match thought that went out there and busted their ass was way to set up for a title match in the future. A good opener and boss, man. One clean with the boss man slams. Let's good referred. A lot of non-finishes Meltzer would have a comment here that I wanted to share in recent weeks when they've been split up. It's become pretty clear that Jesse James has a lot of charisma on his own. And the Billy Gunn was one incredibly fortunate performer for the past year, your thoughts. Well, I think that road dog is definitely the more charismatic of the to think that as far as work goes. I think that their work is comparable. But if you had to pick one I'm going to take roadlog, I mean, he's a second generation wrestler been in the business is entire life. And I think Billy's great too, but it's the same time. If you're gonna make me choose I would choose row dog. I think that he just had more experience and more polish throughout the years. Let's talk about our next match. Billy Gunn here is gonna lose to Ken shamrock, Ken shamrock pertains, the intercontinental title and fourteen minutes and twenty four seconds. It only gets a star and a quarter. A matter didn't love it and Ken wins with a submission when Billy gone taps out..

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