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Momentum a loss of there um of their voice in uh the government you know when the us senate well i may i a bit optout man i can't remember the word i was going to say but it just the eat absolutely drives me nuts because while what a senator howard said he met with all the right intentions hey we don't want the state's trading one class of people long it opened pandora's box for the federal government and a bunch of political ruling a lead us to define what that is and then to force the states into compliance and all of the in the long run wild while in the beginning threatening the suffered to the states uh seemed the right thing to do in the long run it has opened the door and created a um an atmosphere for tyranny it drives me absolutely batty because we have a political class today who now is convinced that's right convinced that this is what they should do that they should young hold back any suffrage to the states that they should i believe what a bunch of judges interpret the constitution to mean like hamilton want it rather than the black letter of wa the black letter the law means nothing to them well then we'll veteran anchorman and want that to happen on unless the judges who have been over and start being more of a rebel uh and then it will be bringing up the congress the path lov uh because they could hinder big what they want accompli food judicial review with like the democrats now oh in california surfer in another big states rights advocates because they other than the state's right thought to be able to go out and nbc sanctuary city in a little bit of california were trying to be a sanctuary state and the uh uh the democrats held power in dc and the republicans fell power in california ldp can california up with federal for privacy and that these states have no right to do that and federal immigration laws constitutional which it owes they would be right in that regard but you know it's just a matter of uh uh who's on her face and hands right well tight my friend jasbi as you say ah right tribe wrong tried um and.

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