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Did you watch this episode of raw live. I did not. This was during my dark period. I was one of those people like a lot of people from two thousand. Three two thousand thirteen Did not watch anything missed. The ruthless aggression era missed. All of these yes toast. These were definitely things. I was hearing about because it was like wait. Why is dr phil on monday night. Raw rise peewee. Herman on monday verne. Troyer okay what's going on at some. Believe no one's mentioned jewel calm. Believe no one's mentioned that this episode. Where jewel was those out. We also had john lovett's and bob barker and snooky and joanna hills great hokey cokey. I saw wrestlemainia about. She's dig. bob. Barker thing is like i think some of them were used okay because they didn't make them do too much. They still kinda did the thing that they wanted it to do is that it broke into normal culture because people would talk about it and i would end up hearing about it or people who knew i liked wrestling would come ask me. Why is this happening. i'm like i don't know. Don't blame me now on the flip side of this. We'll we'll talk about the the chocolate and peanut butter of it all but you know i'm someone who grew up i was. I was a young child when the muppet show aired. So i watched that growing up the first album. I remember owning that. I still have a cassette of the muppet show cast album which features the song that i was satirizing at the top of the program. The weapons have been a part of all of our lives for as long as we've been around. What is your relationship to the muppets. Matthew similarly in that like i grew up not not like not knowing time without muppets like they were just kind of always a part of me. Watching sesame street watching muppets. Tonight was my big. Like i was like. I don't know nine or ten when that show started. So muppets tonight was like my muppet show. Kind of and. I love that and yet now i guess my relationship is that i host a podcast called commitment where we are going through and trying to watch every single thing. The muppets had ever done in chronological order. Starting back in the mid fifties. We've done like fifteen episodes. Were only into like the early seventies because there's so much to watch right and that's everything from ralph on the jimmy dean show to salmon friends to the dick cabinet show to a bunch of julie andrews specials they made in the early seventies and we're watching all of most of it illegally uploaded to youtube because a lot of it isn't like on disney plus yet but Yeah that's that's sort of where i'm at now so i'm full on like ingrained in muppets at this point. Are you doing a lot of the industrial stuff. So you get like cookie. Monster's the wheel stealer and stuff like that we've done. We did a whole episode on commercials where we watched like four hours of commercials to prepare for that Which is you wanna break your brain. You think like okay. I watched four hours of muppet show last week. That's not that bad watching four hours of eight second commercials. Cut back to back to back to back will drive you a little bit batty gonna lose it a little bit but it definitely the reason we've called commitment is because we don't know how long this is gonna take to get through everything and they keep making new stuff so it feels like a lifetime vow of me and my friend sam that we are going to be watching muppet stuff forever but there are worse life sentences to have. Oh for sure. I used to be on other people's podcasts. Where we would watch bad movies every week or old. Like eighties throwback action films. And i'm like that was really hard to do every week to watch another terrible movie every single week like it was hard to find the joy in that but watching a new muppets thing every week. A lot of which i haven't seen in these early days is always fun. Yeah even at their worst. They're still they're still pretty magical and at their best. It's just sort of transcendent and pure joy. And you know there's a soul and a heart to it that is impossible to to deny and that's as much of the people who are working them as just the characters themselves who've now been passed to several different performers each putting their own spin spin on them. Lindsey what about you similar. I grew up. Mopti it was on. Tv i one of my earliest memories is being absolutely petrified of count count. He was a real vampire. He was gonna come and get me. I just leave him. My mother's bed. I was attentive child. But i just loved it. We had i have behind me which is great for an audio podcast which no one can see but my dad was a muppet fan growing up and he had this league annual from the early early seventies. This hardback book. And i would whenever we would go over to my grandmother's house. I would obsessively read it like i would. Never i would always have it with me. It was even. That's not even watching them. It was just looking at pictures of them. And i have an i love it so i loved it as a kid and then i actually had some professional experience with the muppets in that. I signed an nda but the company doesn't exist anymore. So i think it's okay i ghost wrote or wrote the novelization of the muppet movie. The first new muppet movie that jason segel wrote and starred in and i remember getting an email from a friend who was the editor was like check your emails i need you sign an nda immediately. You need to do this. And i was like. Oh i'm really busy. I don't have time to do that kind of thing anymore. So sorry no. You'll find time and she couldn't tell me anything until i decided. Nda and obviously immediately agreed to it. So i was given the script. And i had to. Novel is the script. And i had a very short amount of time to do it and it was all super super top secret because they can give anything away and the script was wild because it had the dream celebrities that they wanted for all of the roles because they hadn't cast it yet. It was just such a joyous experience. Because i got to like hang out in this little corner of muppet world on my own making a muppet thing and being part of it for a second. I'm not saying it was the best part of it but it was the worst part of it either so it was it was. It was pretty fun. And i have that novel which has excellent reviews on amazon. In case you look at that. The book itself includes eight pages of full color photos so that's nice so wrestling fans tend to turn their noses up at anything silly especially on. Wwe which is avid. It's amazing the things that they will not turn their noses up at but when the muppets show for. Wwe is there a part of you that feels protective of them. Like this crowd better. Not don't you boo. Don't you in the wrong thing at them in a way. The muppets to do a lot of us. Who grow with them. They're kind of sacrosanct. What's nice is that. Yeah absolutely i feel protective of them like especially now when they're in like dry period where they're not doing a lot of stuff. I find myself doing this where kermit has been in a couple specials recently for the fourth of july and then he was on a disney plus pride special. They did and like every time they do something. I'm just like He's just gonna sink rainbow connection again like do something more fun with them. And i think what's nice about this episode of raw. Is that yeah going in. You're like. I remember watching clips from this year's ago did not remember until rewatching watching this week like what exactly was happening. But what's nice. Is that immediately. You see people in the crowd with signs for kermit and miss piggy. And they're excited. But the second that i knew the crowd was on board with this idea was when miss piggy and kermit or out there and jack swagger comes out and he does the most helix thing you can apparently due in the wwe is and he holds kermit's mouth shut so he can knock them and when he's doing that kermit's like struggling and you can't understand what he's saying and the crowd is getting angrier and angrier. Every time jack swagger keeps talking is holding kermit's now and it's was oh. This crowd is totally in. They believed the muppets are real. And i think it's something about the muppets specifically because they are puppets that like it transcends like you can have peewee herman on but people are still like. That's paul reubens but like they don't see kermit miss piggy and they're like. Oh it's steve..

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