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Extent yeah. I mean now that i think about it. I was not not nearly as far along in the sort of process of individuals and growing up and becoming south. All the things you know. And so i think it probably. I didn't want to feel those. Like i was comfortable intellectual stuff. I wasn't comfortable on that. Just pure emotional level. Whereas i later like went to a for something else went a hypnotherapist. I'll try anything you know and that way more will will and that might have been more beneficial at that time if you tried. Md are then to that helped. You know right because there is something to like. Intellect intellectual as asian is definitely a defense mechanism. And i i live in it too because it helps us feel like in control when there is no control. You know controls an allusion but it can help us feel like yeah. I've got. I've got this like i can make sense of this. As if making sense of it makes us feel better but right we think we think might So i have some questions that listeners sent in. i'm on on patriot. Dot com slash. Alison rosen and All sorts of bonus stuff there and Yet bonus episodes and fun stuff and that is where i take questions and have a little song. This one been. How'd you have so often. Okay.

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