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I and they range from like helpful to what so i want to say how i was introduced to them was from the parodies which are pretty popular in infamous on the internet and treat yourself truly so in two thousand three eric fens ller created parodies of twenty five of the psa's which were hosted on e bombs world prompting take notice from hasbro in two thousand and four but they have since been uploaded in various ways my favorite is pork chop sandwiches which you can google gi joe put pork chop sandwiches yeah i have it right here oh yeah that smell take it to know going in you tell me do things i done run oh yeah audibly you're probably like what just happened but if you watch it it's just insane it's so funny and they made several of them and other people have made parodies as well but i think eric is fends lurs the one who's most notorious for it fengler film and the first part of that we couldn't play because it had a lot of the f word just i guess are warning for you is it curses a lot but yeah i wanted to say we should talk about the characters of gi joe because we didn't even really get into the different joes and cobras mentioned duke and that's about it well we did say all of those featuring those psa's but we'll get into actually the top ten joes and cobras right after the break i'm erin maki most days i'm writing and producing the hit podcast lore now i'm opening the doors of my own virtual room of wonder with aaron mckie's cabinet of curiosities every tuesday and thursday you'll get a guided tour through some of the most bizarre corners of history from unexplainable moments and coincidences to people and objects that come with unusual backstories visit apple podcasts dot com.

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