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Temperatures in the 40s overnight tonight cloudy skies a ten percent chance for light rain or drizzle morning temperatures dropping into the mid thirties on the northshore around forty on the south shore partly cloudy for friday dry with some sunshine highs in the mid 50s partly cloudy on saturday with a slight chance for rain highs in the mid 60s brother pinpoint forecast center i'm wwl tv chief meteorologist carlos redondo cloudy skies at armstrong internationally kenner 45 downtown it is forty six senate slidell clouds and 44 i'm jim hanzo wwl first news here's an update on traffic from the wwl traffic center i'm patty burnham and the only traffic spots on the south shore or if you eastbound on the i town heading from downtown into slidell delays are all the way back to downtown on the i turn because of an accident that's at the top of the high rise got the right lane blocked it down men serve he headed east from downtown you'd be better off staying on the surface streets using the dan zinger bridge and then picking up the i town on the other side six ten also is back to before saint bernard we another problem on airline drive v coming into the city at clear view and eighteen wheelers broken down in the left lane and those delays are all the way back to the erhard expressway and there's no change on the northshore on northbound causeway boulevard in mandeville the right lane is still blocked by that tanker truck waiting for the other tankertruck to come in offload the contents when that happens they arguments close northbound causeway boulevard but hopefully it will be after all the traffic clears traffic brought to you by the rock and roll marathon rock and roll marathon theory is gearing up for the best year yet in 2018 this bestinclass running experiences lent you won't want to miss this is where everything he love without running comes together where miles of music motivate you in bands and banned lima course register now run rock and roll dot com a traffic tip call wwl 504260info.

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