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So i mean he he had a bunch of delusions they started with kind of what the american reaction would be to nine eleven They continued with when he was on the wrong about you know. Basically he believed that al qaeda would be able to mountain other attack on the united states. He was very hopeful about this and You know he seemed not to understand that. Al qaeda basically being largely decimated in the media off nine eleven. I quote one of his longtime associates in the book. Who says that. All the one thousand nine hundred arab fighters who are living in afghanistan. A time of nine eleven sixteen sixteen hundred of them were killed or captured in the immediate often. Off the nine eleven attacks there was other people in al-qaeda understand understood that the nine eleven attacks had been sort of account makasi mission for al-qaeda and bin laden was telling them you need you need to kill president barack obama will kill general david portrayals or don't although vice them vice president joe biden because he's not prepared to be president but he was sort of inciting them to do these attacks and who's going to do that I quote john. James clapper who was the director of national intelligence. The time of bin laden's death who said you know. He reminded me a little bit of hitler. You're moving around these divisions at the end of two didn't exist. There's little view. That's i guess somewhat widely held that the pakistanis must have known where bin laden was and must have been hiding him or assisting in deciding. We're turning a blind eye would is your research. Say i mean it's hard to prove negatives but as far as i can tell this is simply no evidence for for for that view bin laden was hiding from people on the were living with him. On the compound. He was extremely paranoid. There was no reason for him to inform somebody in the pakistani government about where he was in fact. Al-qaeda took a very hostile view of the pakistani government Planning military operations against pakistani targets bin laden in the four hundred seventy thousand files that have been released publicly from about about There is simply no evidence that bin laden was being protected by pakistani officials was in communication with pakistani officials That pakistani officials knew where he was So the reason. I think this view Arises is you know he was living relative close close to the pakistan's equivalent of west point and so people sort of say well the pakistani must've known but in fact they were befuddled by The fact that he was living in about a bodice as anybody else and in fact the united states was listening. In on pakistani communications the night of bin laden was died and pakistani leaders. Were clearly kind of sort of finding the situation very strange and didn't understand what was going on. So there's no evidence that bin laden was being protected by pakistani officials. it's a widespread view But that doesn't mean it's true. We need to take a break here. Let me reintroduce you again. We are speaking with peter. Bergen he's an author and journalist who spent years studying al-qaeda and other jihadist movements. His new book is a biography of bin laden. It's called the rise and fall of osama bin laden..

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