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There there Breakdown and blowing their collective Gaskin That does absolutely judge what did you. Make James Comey's tweet. Last, night, it's, it's gone viral I it's it's it's mind blowing to say the least he tweeted that Americans, must vote for Democrats. This fall, exposing extreme political bias I mean? How can the FBI Peter Struck so the world and the Andrew, McCabe and the Lisa page deny there was political bias, at the FBI when their boss the former head, of the FBI is telling Americans you must vote for Democrats this fall basically to save our nation Well you know what, if nothing more than a continuation copy when he, was head of the FBI at that is what is good was Faithful A grand jury subpoenas, here Like they can't be get a. Wally top without people accurate Christobal eight look culprit that I I've worked with him Cody Riley, was the. District attorney for county New York you know they corrigo Kobe behind his back Thanks Ow Does your That Off the wall Why did Hillary They think the FBI wanted to pull out of bed on a case for something to do. With, Donald. Trump right Hillary Every time they, wanted? Something The third point she delete thirty three thousand Good It is a, joke and you know what I find interesting, is how is it that the inspector general was able to obtain Peter Struck and Lisa pages, text which is. Great we want we want, transparency but how come it never found or produced Hillary Clinton's texts while she was secretary. State I'm sure there was a trove of information that we'd all be very interested in knowing. About I, mean she's she was on her blackberry all the. Time we've seen her photos on all her world travels as secretary. State what was she? Doing who is she? Texting, there's I would say it's highly likely that she was texting work product and classified information because if she was transferring classified information on her, emails of, course you'll be doing it on. Her her tax is well how come we seem to get text messages from some, officials but not. Others Look if anyone thinks that Hillary Clinton did not have clamped defied it pervasive, on her, I fell you know that that. We should get money back because three years as secretary of state only used as, part of our Communication And I throw and that An, Email that was not apply but Us thank she had to a, Pat classified information on that private server but they cut her loose and American though that which is why it spite of the fact that she. Spent ten times. More Donald Trump did she was defeated they knew that she was, corrupt Was that somebody could be trusted But they understood that the reason she set up this over which is something that I said it go is because she didn't want anyone to track what was going on and think about Avedon Carol l. They were collecting You gotta steal this for. What it is Donald Trump is. Beholden to one that's why I wrote liar's. Leakers the liberals this. Guy is accomplishing he's producing for America and she, was over south and that's. Why she's yesterday Do Judge before you. Go I do think that we need many members of congress said we need a new special counsel appointed to investigate the investigators because there's been so much rampant corruption here at amongst the FBI leadership under James Komi. On do you think that James Comey's latest tweet admitting he's politically? Biased, well that move the needle and renew calls for a special. Counsel and to think that Jeff Sessions will ever have a spine and appoint, one Well I don't think that James? Call, me tweeting what he did is ground for a second special. Counsel what would I do think is that approved you know where is that Rottweiler has been a Jeff Sessions say. In, the closet right felt that have the fortitude to get out of the closet and that's what's going. On that's why everyone is still supporting each? Other pro, baller Rosenstein Kobe Peter Struck what they're. Doing is they're covering for. Each other and raking raking they hold power I want to be Yet bad I talked. About this a. Wirelessly Kristen liberals Republicans Baragan fight the way. The left does When the power they absolutely weren't thing. Every weapon arsenal go..

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