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25th and Tuesday morning welcome to the WTO time now is one 18. Probably making weather on the 8s and when it breaks, good morning to Ian Crawford with this in the WTO traffic center. Hello there dean of Virginia bellway is where the action is. That's as in terms of work zones. The inner loop is where it all happened. Before and after I 66, a left leg gets by the work you get your lanes back briefly and then you're back into the cones again from one 23 passing the dulles toll road and Georgetown pie to a point near the George Washington memorial Parkway before things break loose and again single left getting by. 66 eastbound work outside the beltway before and after 28 header ville and again before and after 50 pharaohs and that's going to be a left lane to get by in each case westbound outside the bellway long works on from netley street to route 50 between exit 62 and 57 single left past the work and the ramp at exit 57 B that would take you from westbound 66 to westbound 50 that's closed and then before and after the fairytale Parkway right lane is getting by that work zone. Maryland capitol bellway looking for a crash on the ramp from the outer loop toward route one college park and the 25 had a report of one off the right side of the roadway until what if anything has ever been found, haven't heard any other dispatches and the camera's still not moving. So hopefully there's nothing in the roadway, but if there is and you see it first, let us know 8 6 6 three zero four 50 across the bay bridge two way traffic on the eastbound van traveling without delay on the surface reach Connecticut avenue through Chevy Chase between four ten and Bradley lane single right past the work in each direction. Ian Crawford WTO traffic. A freeze warning remains in effect along the I 81 corridor until 8 o'clock in the morning as we head through the late day hours, temperatures are eventually going to warm up nicely. We'll see daytime highs anywhere

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