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But today he heads to Phoenix to visit a plant that is making needed medical supplies the Honeywell facility according to the White House is increasing production of the N. ninety five respirator masks to supplement the national demand also the plant is adding hundreds of manufacturing jobs last week the president said he hopes this trip leads to more opportunities to move around the country Arizona governor Doug Ducey is still urging those who want to catch a glimpse of the president to stay home to stay healthy colonel Scott fox news when it accepted federal assistance for example United Airlines agreed not to make any layoffs through September but now Reuters reporting the airline telling staffers they are making plans for what could be deep job cuts in October believing the demand for air travel off by as much as ninety five percent will not to rebound by then but one major cruise line operator he's making plans to set sail again carnival announcing its plans to welcome back vacationers on August first the company's starting slowly with eight ships out of three ports including port Canaveral some people say they'd hop right on board I wouldn't mind taking a cruise others more skeptical after seeing corona virus outbreaks on several ships not right away no Canaveral officials say they applaud carnival for its decision and vote rather than postponing existing schedules into the future this creates a level of predictability it's reporter Danielle llama of Orlando's fox thirty five China and South Korea together reporting only for new coronavirus infections Tuesday a coal mine is collapsed in western Liberia UNMIL number of miners killed Asian stock markets have closed Tuesday mix Dow futures are trading nearly three hundred points higher but Jack hello this is fox news newsradio KFBK on John Julian topping Austin's news even though governor Abbott's new orders overruled Austin's mandatory mastering Porter bears Steve Adler says he will still consider them to be mandatory but a growing number of police officers say they're uncomfortable with that this officer named lead tells of top of don show it goes against the civil liberties police are supposed to protect I can't speak for everybody but it makes a lot of us feel like we are on the wrong side of things yes this is trying to force people to wear a mask while exempting the homeless calls into question the ethics coming from city hall Williamson County businesses impacted by Colbert nineteen will soon be able to apply for up to thirty thousand dollars in grants through the county's new relief program and one silver lining when it comes to the cupboard nineteen shut down has been a drop in drunk driving arrests but the Austin police department tells the statesman they are expecting that the spike as people are allowed to venture out again your kale BJ radar weather watch low seventy high is seventy seven it also news on demand at newsradio.

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