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Chief of staff says he quit i'm jackie quinn with an ap news minute outgoing white house chief of staff ranked priebus says he resigned because it was clear president trump wanted to go in a new direction that direction will be general john kelly whose currently homeland security secretary good john kelly will do a fantastic job us and south korean forces held joint exercises after north korea fired a missile that experts say could reach the us president trump says he will sign a russia sanctions bill that was passed by congress a harrowing nine one call in the rain county ohio when a woman was attacked by a bullet constrictor check am i right a fire fired her saved her by killing the snake one of two that she had rescued and appeals court says the faa should consider stopping airlines from further shrinking the size of seats a consumer group has sued i'm jackie quinn yellowstone national park superintendent says he's taking disciplinary action against as many as ten people after an investigation found women in the parks maintenance division are subject to sexual harassment yellowstone superintendents told the associated press potential penalties will range from reprimand to suspension or termination the move comes as the national park service image has been tarnished by whites spread reports of sexual harassment bullying and other misconduct at parks including yellowstone yosemite in grand canyon the elston investigation was launched when a parking floyd complained the montana pioneer magazine and two members of congress that a pervasive men's club environment encourage the exploitation and abuse of female workers a google glitch listed new england patriots quarterback tom brady is the owner of the new york jets phrase had a lot of success over the years against the jets but it doesn't technically own the afc rival.

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