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The one thing I never do. I've never even had the instinct to do is question why. Somebody wouldn't walk out of a room because I have been a room where I have been berated and demeaned and mocked and curse things that right. I should never have to add onto that that the person saying like, yeah, you got no tits. So you don't need to worry about that. Not even clan crime at level. One of that and I'm stuck in my shoes. I can't move. That's all right. And I'm scared and intimidated. And I also have a sense of the structure of the world and me walking out, doesn't fit in the sense of the structure of the world. So yeah, at level one, I'm suck my shoes. That's why I've never once questioned why somebody, especially when you add physicality into it, even be. Beyond the toenail of sexuality. The fact that somebody big and fat and strong and and you're maybe a one hundred ten pound woman, right? That alone. I think people need to take the sex out of these. They need to be thinking in the same way that I'm not gonna say certain words that this, this is not a forum for sexy stuff. If you if you had been working in that movie for six months and you guys were buds and you were telling silly stories, that's one thing. But this is a preliminary meeting is not your opportunity to tell me about how much you like a finger up your, but when someone's blow you, which happened, because even if you think that's a funny story and you're a nice guy if I'm twenty four year old single gal now I feel threatened. And it's the funny thing was I in that meeting where the guy said to my writing partner, are you guys fucking? I happen to be wearing a skirt. It happened to be floor-length worsted wool skirt, but it was a skirt. I did not wear another skirt in a meeting for twenty years because every time I wore a skirt something strange what happened. And I don't think it's because like I'm such a hot piece of asset that people needed to get some of that. It was because I was signaling by women Innis. And so it was just like they had to make text that I was a female. Don't talk about it. Talk about someone's gender, don't talk about the Orion. Tation, don't talk about their race. When you see somebody from another race, don't talk about the fact you like their tie food stop taking putting those things in play, and I understand we work in a crate a business. If it comes up later when you're making the movie or you're in a writer's room and you have a relationship with that person and they feel safe and you can talk about, boy, I grew up in a neighborhood where there are a lot of Indian people, so I love Indian food. And what is your recommendations? Try not to lead with that, and I don't know why it's so hard for people and to be honest. With you and other businesses, it would be absurd and I, I wish people would stop saying we're just in a business where blah, blah, blah. This is not a group of people smoking cigars on a patio who are who are friends this. I'm talking about things where you walk into a meeting. That's right. And and I think it's fair that we start to accept certain limitations. It's okay to say, listen, I'm a straight white male, and there are some things that I probably shouldn't say that other people in this room can. That's right. So I was in a room the other day, helping somebody out with a TV show, and it was it was three or four of us, basically..

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