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New center with the news at seven thirty one. The following public school systems on a two hour delay this morning and a Rondo Calvert. Charles Howard, Montgomery Prince George's Saint Mary's Talbot. Carolina and Dorchester county also a Rondo community college opening up at eleven and federal agencies in DC on a two hour delay as well this morning. A Maryland house committee is scheduled to get an update on how a new laws being implemented that allows course to temporarily restrict firearms actors for people found to be a risk to themselves or others. The House Judiciary committee is set to get a briefing today. Maryland's red flag law that law allows law enforcement officials mental health providers certain family members and intimate partners to petition a court to restrict firearms access President Donald Trump digging in. For more combat after rejecting a short-term legislative fixed to end the partial government shutdown. Trump rejected the suggestion to reopen. The government for several weeks while negotiations would continue with Democrats over his demands for a wall along the us Mexico border. Trump says quote, he'll never back down. The Santa Rosa, California. Roman Catholic dioceses releasing the names of priests are calling the sex-abuse suspects. It says it's never to heal and reach out to victims. Robert Bassa is Bishop of the diocese. I can only express my extreme grief and regret today such as this is necessary. I say necessary because some very strong measure needs to be taken to help all of us in the church move forward. Bassa says the thirty nine preseason games are being released had been credibly accused or convicted in the abuse of about one hundred children. We'll have sports in a moment..

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