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Very excited to be here talking early appear. We're actually you from you're not actually from London England are you from the south? So it's just south of London about an hour south on the south coast. Grownup brought up a little village apparently country pub, so I grew up in an environment where most nights people were drinking too much getting into fights. And my dad having to throw them into the street. So you know, how to bruising upbringing, but you think you are. I should have been in my village in those early years in England most of my life right today. Made that filling low of more than three years. You can't come back, in fact and everytime I've been there. Those guys town. They're like legendary folklore, you know, they remember the path to tough bad men in real bare knuckle fighting now, we're relational warriors is if the me absolutely most Britons are up for scrap if you feed the member who your foot Caesar who you're for do you see the foot the memory? Yes. Yes. I do remember that. Yeah. Yeah. We listen Mike in. I mean in Britain, Mike is absolute Aiko. Yeah. I mean, I remember you going down the last time, you came over our mobile, I think you went down to Brixton or somewhere with that craving, and the it was honesty. It was as if Mandela gone down. It was nuts. But I remember thinking that was really it was a really interesting thing to watch to see someone let you down there, and the crowds that came out very powerful to me that was overwhelming to me that town life obey. You know? I was just one was the I dunno frightened. And the what time. But at least it's crazy because we had a funny spring. I used to run a newspaper Daily Mirror one of the big paper. And when you foot Julius Francis. Do you remember that Judas Francis? Was it wasn't a great fun that to be honest. Frank Warren is set up his fight with you and Julius Francis. So I rang Franken I said look is there any sponsorship available on Julius Francis. Oh, yeah. Thirty. So he's he said he said, well, what do you mean? What are you thinking? He said I said, well has anybody as anybody sponsored the seat of his pants and the soles of his Venus shoe soles of his shoes. So Frank because what are you? What are you getting look if we would offer twenty thousand pounds could we put the Daily Mirror logo on his backside and on the soles of his feet 'cause I've got a fading. We're gonna be seeing a love of that on TV. And the funny thing was it was airing a Sky Sports, which is Rupert Murdoch who with a rival newspaper group as well. Because they had the some so Julius Francis gets in against and I get live..

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