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Here each week. Dr Ingram. So thank you. Ah, somebody wrote in simple question. High blood pressure hypertension. Ah, What do what do you think, Doc? What do you think? You know, I wrote the book, The Black seed Miracle because black seat is God's gift to humanity on for the cardiovascular system. So if there's hypertension or cardiac arrhythmia of the heart too large. If there's chronic heart disease, you gotta have black seed. The best one is the black seed with pomegranate and Muska Dine soon is giving you the resveratrol. Pomegranate gives you the Alagic acid in the Punic acid. That's a lot of stuff in the black Sea With the time O'Quinn known lots of goodies there all in one visit the North American. I know they make the great black seed is that black seed? Plus is that that black seed cardio Oh, gotcha! Gotcha. And so case history had a guy with 14 spin. And he's using about five tablespoons a day to have a dramatic improvement in his crisis. Help right because using this type of guys Having an event and have another two more stint. So he's keeping all of that at bay with the black seed cardio Plus goodness gracious. Ah! What What was the saying about black seed? It cures everything but death of the Prophet Mohammed. God bless him. So everything but death everything but death itself. If you're on your deathbed, forget it. Anything else stay really super healthy. By taking the black seed oil every day is a preventive on then for cancer, heart disease, kidney disorders, pancreatic conditions, intestinal Stomach. You have a tool. Skin disorders like Vittel. I gor psoriasis, Exuma. That you could use hair loss is quite interesting for that for these miscellany of conditions. As listed in the black seed Mirror was going. I was just going to say when I read black seat. Miracle I was I had a hard time figuring out why I wouldn't take it every day. Right? I mean, look, look, you know, I got the book. You got the money, you could go down to Meridian Avenue Nutrition. And get a copy. Yeah. What's the big deal? And then you become scholarly about blacks, not just me. You become learning. You know what to use it for If you have hair loss. Wow. We have little. I go. Okay. Chronic fungal. Yeah. Digestive. Oh, yes. Parasites for sure. Cardiovascular, absolutely heart. Arterial conditions like ah high cholesterol are Heil deli and arterial damage. Oh, yeah. Coronary already disease? Absolutely. But I already know all of us. We got to know it, though. We got to know it and we got to put it into action. We asked you the question about high blood pressure. I'm assuming it's the same answer for this person who asked about heart palpitation, well, black seed plane or black seed, cardio plus type stuff that you take a couple of tablespoons of. It's a really tough case a couple tablespoons twice today. You might pop some of the capsules. You might you know, you might pop some red sorrow. No, the black seed Plus might be a good capsule to take with it because it has the red, sour grape and red sour grapes from the Medici and look at this. Red Star grape has cumin and reds are gripping Ruth Korea, all Mediterranean. And black seed and black. C Plus has met Mediterranean pomegranate with Mediterranean black seed with muscadine though, is a US plant from Georgia. Ah, beautiful, beautiful. Okay, so You listen to super out That's Dr casting room. I'm Kyle drew the thing that people are talking a lot about and I It's near and dear to my heart. I've done this a lot but fasting fasting. Thiss Khun! Go back to the the Corps on the You know the Jesus in the Mohammed all that because They did that fasting and you know, there's what 1.5 billion people that fast once a year, and now we have this fasting, which is a May she be an adaptation of the Islamic fast where you do, inter minute fasting, right will be a thing. Then you have the honey which is the Koran. You have the old regular, which is the Bible. You have the Black Sea this Bible. The pomegranates, the Bible in the Koran. I mean, we're talking God stuff, right? Right. If you do the God thing, you're going too fast. You're going to deny yourself some food and water. Even fluid for a while to rest. That system that temple that you've been given not just pluck food down 24 7. Good thing with the Islamic fast It's done for a period of time is its sun up to sundown. The desk. What is that time before? Yeah, dimming the lights. So it's about two hours before sunlight all the way till about sundown. There Now they do that for a period of of so many days. What is your impression of people who are doing it? All the time is that the time is too difficult on the two different Okay? That's what I wondered, because that's what that's what Americans do, don't we? Hey, a little bit. You do it once a year for several day I know I'll do it all the time. How is that not knows Too much strain. You do it twice a year, something to do the regeneration. Or you may be fast once a week. All right, Right. Right. Fasting Too much abstinence too much. Herman is, um, too much. Monk is, um, is hard on the body. By their act on DNO, socially and different things. You know it's interesting because it's become such a thing now And now, the so called you'll love this term. I really don't love it, but bio hackers were hacking the system. Doctor Ingram and we're the bio hackers. Oh, we've got next level stuff. There's something called fasting and you know, it's It's just It's so overblown. But of course, they take a good thing, and then they go to the extreme with it, And they think, well, we're really putting our body under subjection. Listen, there's a time for that. But there's a time to just get back to good old basics. Clean air, clean water, clean food, Even if you're fasting, Let's say you're somebody invites you over for dinner with the really healthy feast break the fast and And be social don't know. Don't become the isolated in your existence. And, uh, you know, God is merciful. He's not gonna know if you do it for him, or you do it for yourself. But fasting is an excellent medicine for regenerating the tissues. They found that mayo their sperm count went up considerably because of the fasting. That women became more fertile. That the digestive system was more balanced and the immune system functions went up. I don't need the food, three meals a day every day. And if you miss a meal, you're famished. Right? Right. You're you're biting your nails and wondering what am I going to do? And you grab a 20 rice all over, but I can't handle the hunger pangs. Yes, you could. But the the ceramics, they do this for spiritually reason?.

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