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Welcome to Rogers arena in Vancouver tonight the national predators and the Vancouver Canucks watch it on the left wing side for crime one liners kept away from him now for the line it is full I Grimaldi predators getting a change on the left he goes over to Miller on the right side circle his name forty one wow that was cancer now it's the OC behind the net on the attack inside the OC comes up on the line control again and then his crime was just by Watson and stopped right in front of the net the point for here is captain in close play down the right side goes all the way beyond taken by Miller and eight forty eight here in the first here's the face also Ryan Jill Hanson was definite the doctor goes to the corner ten F. caption cat litter reporter round the board you change tried all the way from a little short handed him the rebound swatted away by rolling hills nothing nothing after one year in advance and the Mrs Grissom's first intermission report brought to you by Mrs Grissom's salad proudly made in music.

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